Paddy Wagon, Beach Buggy, and Half of a London Bus

I got a nice package in the mail last month for my birthday. I’m the youngest of 10 siblings and the package was from the brother closest to me in age, 3 years older. When we were kids, most of our toys were communal and had been handed down for many years. But when it came to Hot Wheels, we each had our own stash. As my brothers got older, I inherited most of their cars. But not all of them. The package he sent me held some loose cars that he had collected for me, including three that he had kept since our childhood. It was great to seem them again after all these years. His own kids enjoyed playing with them too, so they’ve got an extra generation of play wear on them now. But I’m still glad to have them in my collection.

This Paddy Wagon still had the windshield and top on it the last time I saw it.

IMG_8130IMG_81311970 | 6402 | Paddy Wagon | dark blue | redline wheels

IMG_8140 IMG_81411971 | 30 | Beach Buggy | metallic pink, yellow interior | superfast wheels

Somebody along the way decided it would be easier to get on and off this London bus if it was a convertible. Some versions of the London Bus are worth a decent chunk of money. Not the Berger Paints version, though. Especially not in this condition.

IMG_8143 IMG_81441972 | 17 | London Bus, The Londoner | red, Burger Paints | superfast wheels


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