2009 HWC Neo-Classics Olds 442 Security Car

The Hot Wheels Olds 442 Police Cruiser from my childhood was a favorite. Despite lots of playtime, it survived in reasonably good shape. It’s always fun to find variations of the cars I had when I was a kid (you can see some other Olds 442s here). So, a few months back, when I saw that the Hot Wheels Collectors website was offering the 2009 Neo-Classics Olds 442 Security Car at half price, I ordered one.

This recent version has had its light bar retooled, but the 442 is pretty striking in this Spectraflame red and chrome combo. And though a security car seems a step down from the Police Cruiser of my youth, you have to admit working security for Mattel would be a pretty cool job!

P2139 | 2009 HWC Series 8 Neo-Classics | Olds 442 Security Car | 3882/10,000 | Spectraflame red and chrome with white, red and black Mattel Security trim | Neo-Classic RL

I also have HWC variations of my childhood Super Van, Heavy Chevy and Ford J-Car.


1977 Chief’s Special and Maxi Taxi

I’ve had a Hot Wheels Police Cruiser since I was a kid and it was always one of my favorites. The Olds 442 first appeared in the Hot Wheels lineup in 1971, wearing Spectraflame paint, redline tires and a rear wing. The Police Cruiser was a similar casting, but without the wing and with a cherry on top. My Police Cruiser is a blackwall version from 1977. Not too long ago, I got on eBay and picked up the Chief’s Special, which is a fire chief version of the Olds 442. When the Chief’s special was first released in 1975, it had a blue dome light on top and redlines. This 1977 variation lost the dome and has blackwall tires.

img_1357 img_13581977 | 7665 | Chief’s Special | red with white & yellow trim | Hong Kong | blackwall

So, since I now had a Police Cruiser and a Chief’s Special, it was only right that I get back on eBay and find myself a Maxi Taxi, which is the taxi cab version of this model, introduced in 1976 with redlines. This blackwall version is from 1977.

img_3395 img_33961977 | 9184 | Maxi Taxi | yellow with red, white & black trim | Hong Kong | blackwalls