2009 HWC Neo-Classics Olds 442 Security Car

The Hot Wheels Olds 442 Police Cruiser from my childhood was a favorite. Despite lots of playtime, it survived in reasonably good shape. It’s always fun to find variations of the cars I had when I was a kid (you can see some other Olds 442s here). So, a few months back, when I saw that the Hot Wheels Collectors website was offering the 2009 Neo-Classics Olds 442 Security Car at half price, I ordered one.

This recent version has had its light bar retooled, but the 442 is pretty striking in this Spectraflame red and chrome combo. And though a security car seems a step down from the Police Cruiser of my youth, you have to admit working security for Mattel would be a pretty cool job!

P2139 | 2009 HWC Series 8 Neo-Classics | Olds 442 Security Car | 3882/10,000 | Spectraflame red and chrome with white, red and black Mattel Security trim | Neo-Classic RL

I also have HWC variations of my childhood Super Van, Heavy Chevy and Ford J-Car.


2008 Hot Wheels Collectors Convention Super Van

I’ve had a Hot Wheels Super Van since I was a kid. So when this nice 2008 Convention car showed up as the HWC Thursday Hot Deal back in October, I snatched one up. The Super Van was first released in 1975 but was retooled in 2003 and has also been called the ’70s Van. The Collectors Nationals was held in Chicago in 2008 and this convention car was limited to 10,000 pieces.

img_9199 img_9213L8695 | 2008 8th Annual Hot Wheels Collector’s Nationals Convention | Super Van | 3351/10,000 | white and black with yellow, orange and gray trim | RR5SP with whitelines

A few other Super Van variations in my collection include the 1977 Paramedic, 1979 California Cruisin’, the 2013 Old El Paso, and the 2013 Archie Comics.

Other HW Collectors Club cars I have include the 2006 Neo-Classics 1968 Nova and the 2014 Original 16 Ford J-Car.