1988 Hot Wheels Blown Camaro Z-28

The Hot Wheels Blown Camaro Z-28 is a customized version of the real-life third-generation (1982-1992) Chevrolet Camaro. This turquoise model with magenta, yellow and white tampo and gold Hot Ones is from the 1988 mainlines and came to me in the Collection of Big A.

There were about 26 variations of the Blown Camaro Z-28 produced before it was retooled in 1992. The more recent casting, ’80s Camaro, has no sunroof and a closed-up hood.

Hot Wheels | 1988 | 5901 | Blown Camaro Z-28 | turquoise w/purple, yellow and white trim | MY | gho


2018 Hot Wheels Drag Strip Demons Novas

When the Hot Wheels Drag Strip Demons were introduced in 2009, they were a big hit. The series, which continued through 2010, featured 18 different castings – 13 of them brand new. They had Real Riders and metal bases, and many were carefully decorated to represent real-life drag cars. So, many of us were excited in 2018 when Hot Wheels brought back the Drag Strip Demons in the Car Culture lineup.

The 2018 edition had five different castings, including the ’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser, ’65 Dodge Coronet, ’65 Mercury Cyclone Comet, and the two Novas featured here – the ’66 Super Nova and the ’63 Chevy Nova AWB. The amazingly detailed cars are enhanced by beautifully illustrated card art. I wasn’t able to find these locally, but my hunting friend, Brad, sent me these from New Mexico.

The Hot Wheels ’66 Super Nova was first released in 2012 in limited numbers exclusively on HotWheelsCollectors.com. It was offered again through the Red Line Club in 2014 and 2017, then was a Nationals Convention Car in 2018 – all of these in fairly limited production. This is the first variation that is more widely available and the first of this casting that I’ve added to my collection. It is also available in the 2019 Car Culture: Team Transport series, so I will be on the lookout for that one as well.

I’m not sure if this ’66 Nova is based on a real drag car, rather I suspect it is a nod to the legendary Hot Wheels designer whose name appears on the doors.

Hot Wheels | FVN70 | 2018 Car Culture Drag Strip Demons 5/5 | ’66 Super Nova | blue with light blue, gray and white trim | Goodyear rrdrags / rrprf

The Hot Wheels ’63 Nova AWB was first cast for the 2009 Drag Strip Demons series and a second variation was included in the same series the following year. This 2018 release is only the third variation of the car to be produced, though a similar casting, the ’63 Chevy II, has made regular appearances in the mainlines since 2016.

Again, I’m not sure if the livery is based on a real-life drag car, but I see some similarities to the Chevy 2 Much – and the later Chevy 2 Much II – built by Doug Thorley in Southern California.

Hot Wheels | FVN73 | 2018 Car Culture Drag Strip Demons 2/5 | ’63 Chevy Nova AWB | red with light blue, black and white trim | Goodyear rrmag

1988 Hot Wheels Color Racers ’55 Chevy

The Hot Wheels ’55 Chevy was first cast in 1982 and was released in around 30 different variations up until its inclusion in the Final Run Series of 2001. I recently rescued this example – the only one I have in my collection – from one of my reject buckets. It is from the 1988 Color Racers series and would have been found in one of many different 3-Packs.

Applying heat to this car turns it somewhat more to the yellow side of orange. (We can assume the effect would have been more dramatic when the car was new.) In this case, it mostly seems to lessen the contrast around the areas of chipped paint.

Hot Wheels | 1990 | 1440 | Color Racers 3-Pack | ’55 Chevy | orange to yellow with blue red and yellow trim | MY | bw

Hot Wheels 1992 Power Plower and 1993 Bywayman

The Hot Wheels Bywayman, based on a 1973 Chevrolet Silverado pickup, was released in 1979. It had a nice, long run of 34 variations up until the 2003 Final Run Series. In 1980, the casting was slightly modified to include a plastic blade on the front and was released in 5 separate variations as Super Scraper. The model was renamed Pavement Pounder in 1985, then Power Plower in 1986, and was seen in another 15 versions.

The challenge in collecting this casting – which, in addition to the sometimes plastic plow, features a plastic roll bar with running lights mounted on top – is finding them with all of their parts intact. My Power Plower from 1991, which has a very playful paint and tampo design for such a rugged vehicle, is missing the plastic blade.

In 1991, this same tampo design could be found applied over metalflake purple, purple enamel, or – like mine – light purple enamel.

Hot Wheels | 1991 | 3872 | Power Plower (Bywayman) | light purple enamel with yellow, blue & red trim (missing blade) | MY | ct

This next model is the 1993 release of Bywayman, missing most of its tampo and all of the plastic lights.

My photos don’t really do justice to the pearl white paint. And the orange, pink and gray splash pattern actually looks pretty sharp when it’s not worn off (as I’ve seen in photos of the variation in much better shape than mine).

Hot Wheels | 1993 | 2781 | Bywayman | pearl white with worn orange, pink and gray trim | MY | ct

1988 Hot Wheels Color Racers Camaro Z-28

This Hot Wheels Camaro Z-28, which was in one of the cases I got from The Dealer, had been painted over, so initially I put it aside. But I pulled it out recently for a closer look. The paint had been applied very inconsistently with a brush and I could see enough of the original paint showing through that I was able to determine it was one of the Color Racers (cars that change color when hot or cold temps are applied.) I decided to run it under hot water to see if I could see any change in color. Much to my surprise, the brushed-on paint started to come off. So I grabbed an old toothbrush and started scrubbing, and a few minutes later I had it back to the fairly worn original.

The Hot Wheels Camaro Z-28 made its debut in 1982, and though there have been around 50 variations since then, this is the only one I have in my collection. This would have been found in one of the Color Racers 3-Packs from 1988. And by the way, the original paint no longer changes from bright red to blue, and like many of these old color-changers, it seems to be frozen in a kind of off-color state.

Hot Wheels | 1988 Color Racers 3-Pack | 1440 | Camaro Z-28 | red to blue | MY | bw

I have a bit of a personal connection to the real-life Z-28. When my brother John, who is five years older, graduated from college, he went straight to the Chevy Dealership and bought himself a brand new 1981 Camaro Z-28. Although he didn’t keep the car very long, it was a pretty sweet ride. This photo shows it parked in our driveway – adding some color to the North Dakota winter – shortly after he bought it.

1983 Hot Wheels ’67 Camaro

I have come across a few cars over the years that have been painted over, but this one really breaks my heart. Underneath this amateurish paint job is the 1983 first-release Hot Wheels ’67 Camaro. If you look closely, you can still see hints of the awesome flame tampo showing through on the sides.

If anybody knows how to remove a custom paint job without ruining the original paint and decoration underneath, please let me know. I’d like to try to rescue this one if it’s possible.

Edit: I posted photos online and it was suggested that the tampo had just worn off. On closer inspection, I see that is the case – not painted over, just missing tampo. I’m surprised the paint under the tampo is still as shiny as it is, which to me made it appear as if it had a fresh layer of red on top. Also the discolored windshield looked to me like it had a layer of paint overspray on it.

Hot Wheels had the Harry Bradley-designed Custom Camaro in the original line-up in 1968. But Larry Wood gets the design credit for this similar casting from 1983.

It features an opening hood and has gone on to be one of the most popular Hot Wheels castings, with somewhere around 140 different variations and counting. Unfortunately, In 2017, the model was retooled and the hood was cast shut.

Hot Wheels | 1983 | ’67 Camaro | red with yellow, white and black trim (painted over red) | MY | bw

1980 Hot Wheels

This page lists all of the 1980 Hot Wheels, with a photo of each one that I have in my collection. The name of each car that I have links to a page with more information and photos. As I acquire the remaining cars in the list, I will add photos and links to this page.


1980 | 1125 | Turbo Mustang | yellow w/orange, black, red tampo | HK | bw

1980 | 1126 | Stutz Blackhawk | gray with blue, yellow and white trim | HK | bw

1980 | 1127 | Greyhound MC8 | silver & white, blue and red trim | HK | bw

1980 | 1129 | Super Scraper | yellow with black, orange and blue trim, orange plastic bed and blade | HK | bw

1980 | 1130 | Tricar X-8 | white with blue and red trim | HK | bw

1980 | 1131 | ’40s Woodie (Hi-Rakers) | orange with tan interior, smooth plastic wood panels | HK | bw

1980 | 1132 | 3-Window ’34 (Hi-Rakers) | red with brown fenders, yellow trim | HK | bw

1980 | 1134 | Turbo Wedge (Hi-Rakers) | light green with missing yellow plastic wing | HK | bw

1980 | 1135 | ‘Vette Van | black with white, red and yellow trim | MY | bw

1980 | 1136 | ’63 Split Window Corvette | gray with white, blue and orange trim | MY | bw

1980 | 1153 | Dodge D-50 | red, white plastic top, orange, black, yellow trim | HK | bw

1980 | 1168 | CAT Forklift (Workhorses) | yellow with black plastic cage, Cv80 tampo | HK | bw

1980 | 1168 | CAT Forklift (Workhorses) | yellow with black plastic cage, Cv80 cast | HK | bw

1980 | 1171 | CAT Dump Truck (Workhorses) | yellow, unpainted metal base | HK | yellow ct

1980 | 1172 | CAT Bulldozer (Workhorses) | yellow, yellow plastic base | HK | black rubber treads

1980 | 1173 | CAT Wheel Loader (Workhorses) | yellow, yellow metal base | HK | yellow ct

1980 | The Great American Race Truck Set | Hammer Down | red with blue and white sticker | HK | bw

1980 | The Great American Race Truck Set | Movin’ On | white with red and white sticker | HK | bw

1980 | 1169 | Peterbilt Cement Mixer | red with white & gray plastic mixer, non-recessed exhaust stacks | HK | bw

1980 | 5144 | Hiway Hauler | white, “North American Van Lines” graphics | HK | bw



1980 | 2012 | Jaguar XJS | blue, XJS and yellow jaguar | HK | bw

1980 | 2014 | Hot Bird | blue with yellow & red trim | HK | bw

1980 | 2014 | Hot Bird | brown with yellow & red trim | HK | bw

1980 | 2015 | Packin’ Pacer | orange with red, purple and blue trim | HK | bw

1980 | 2020 | Stagefright | flat brown with orange and yellow trim | HK | bw

1980 | 2022 | Baja Breaker | green with yellow, blue and white tampo, plastic hood opens | MY | bw

1980 | 2022 | Baja Breaker | green with yellow, olive and white tampo, plastic hood opens | HK | bw

1980 | 2500 | Upfront 924 | orange with red, yellow & black trim | HK | bw

1980 | 2503 | Spacer Racer | metalflake red with yellow, white and black trim | HK | bw

1980 | 2506 | Flat Out 442 | yellow with blue, red and orange trim, with pentagon | HK | bw

1980 | 2507 | Dumpin’ A | orange with yellow dumper, brown fenders | HK | bw

1980 | 2509 | Bywayman | light green with white, black and yellow trim | HK | bw

1980 | 2510 | Inside Story | yellow with purple and red trim | HK | bw

1980 | 2511 | Bubble Gunner | light green with yellow blue, and white trim | HK | bw

1980 Wisconsin Toy Co. promo | 6967 | Dune Daddy | blue with yellow, blue and orange trim, black plastic base | HK | rl

1980 Wisconsin Toy Co. promo | 6967 | Swingin’ Wing | yellow with orange and purple trim, black plastic base | HK | rl

1980 Wisconsin Toy Co. promo | 7620 | Custom Volkswagen | orange with black, yellow and green bug, black plastic base | HK | rl

1980 Wisconsin Toy Co. promo | 7654 | Warpath | red with white and blue trim, black plastic base | HK | rl

1980 | 7649 | Super Van | white with red flames | HK | bw

1980 | 9206 | P-911 | white with red, black and blue trim | HK | gho

1980 | 9241 | Corvette Stingray | orange w/ black, purple and yellow trim | HK | bw

1980 | 9241 | Corvette Stingray | orange w/ black, purple and yellow trim | HK | gho

1980 | 9088 | Rock Buster | green with white, red & blue trim | HK | bw

1980 | 9639 | Z-Whiz | green with dk green, lt green and white trim | HK | bw

1980 | 9641 | Spoiler Sport | light green with black, red and yellow trim, one large back window | HK | bw

1980 | 9645 | GMC Motorhome | green with black, white and yellow trim | HK | bw

1980 | 9648 | T-Totaller | red, gold plastic base, white, yellow, blue trim | HK | bw