1987 Hot Wheels Split Window ’63

The Hot Wheels Split Window ’63 made its debut in the 1980 Hi-Rakers series. In 1983 it was given a regular base and the popular 1963 Chevy Corvette model has since had a long run of over 100 different variations and counting. This flamed-out magenta version from Leslie’s box of toys is from 1987.

I have two other examples of the Hot Wheels Split Window ’63 that I’ve added to my collection; a black McDonald’s promo from 1991 and a mint Collector #197 from 1993.

Hot Wheels | 1987 | 1486 | Split Window ‘63 | magenta with light green, white and yellow flames | MY | ww

1984 Hot Wheels Camaro Z-28

Continuing the recent trend of adding Hot Wheels Camaro Z-28s to my collection, I found another variation of the casting in the box of toys from my friend, Leslie. This rough metalflake red version is from the 1984 Hot Ones series.

Including my recent find that included 5 Camaro Z-28s, as well as one from the 1988 Color Racers, this make the 7th example of this model in my collection.

Hot Wheels | 1984 | 5182 | Camaro Z28 | metalflake dark red with white, yellow and blue trim | MY | gho

2006 and 2007 Hot Wheels ’58 Impalas

The Hot Wheels ’58 Impala, which was first cast in 2007, is one we don’t see very often. Of the 10 different versions, 5 were included in that first year’s release in the Hot Wheels Classics Series 3. I have two of those – Spectraflame gold and light purple, which you can see below (the other colors that can be found are Spectraflame shades of red, ice blue and dark blue).

Hot Wheels | L0732 | 2006 Hot Wheels Classics Series 3 | ’58 Impala 4/30 | Spectraflame gold with silver trim, white top | TH | wl5sp

Hot Wheels | L0732 | 2006 Hot Wheels Classics Series 3 | ’58 Impala 4/30 | Spectraflame light purple with silver time, white top | TH | wl5sp

In 2008, the ’58 Impala showed up in the Since ’68 Series, which commemorated 40 years of the brand. The series was made up of four segments: Top 40; Muscle Cars; Originals; and Hot Rods, in which the ’58 Impala was included. I think this metalflake gray with red model in basic redlines is super sharp.

Hot Wheels | M1573 | 2007 Hot Wheels Since 1968 Hot Rods | ’58 Impala 5/10 | metalflake gray with red tampos on sides and top | TH | rl

In 2009, the ’58 Impala was included in the Connect Cars series and in 2011 there were two variations in the Treasure Hunts. The most recent appearance of the casting was the American Graffiti ’58 Impala in the 2013 Retro Entertainment Series.

2006 Hot Wheels Flying Customs Corvette Stingrays

The 2006 Hot Wheels Target-exclusive Retro series featured three lines: Super Chromes, Lowriders and Flying Customs. This was a really fun series with understated throwback card art and some nice castings in the mix – including the Corvette Stingray. I still have the first-release redline Corvette Stingray from the 1976 Flying Colors series that I’ve had since I was a kid, so I’m always happy to add another of this casting to my collection. These two Stingrays are from the Flying Customs series that I was fortunate enough to find on the pegs way back then. The type, illustration and white background of the card are inspired by the 1974 Flying Colors packaging.

This first one is a sharp flamed-out metalflake green version. I’m not a huge fan of the 5-spoke wheel, but it does look a lot better with that redline wrapped around it.

Hot Wheels | K4748 | 2006 Flying Customs | Corvette Stingray | metalflake green with white, orange and black flames | MY | rl5sp

Next we have a shiny chrome model with a clean white, orange and black tampo design – also with redline 5-spokes.

Unfortunately there are other variations of the Corvette Stingray from the Target Retro series that I do not have: Two other variations (yellow and orange) in the 2006 Flying Customs series, another that was included in the 2006 Super Chromes line, and a fourth that was in the 2007 Super Chromes 10-pack.

Hot Wheels | K4764 | 2006 Flying Customs | Corvette Stingray | chrome with white, orange and red trim | MY | rl5sp

The back of the package lists the castings that were available across the various lines of the series.

Other Corvette Stingrays in my collection include the shiny model from the 1979 Golden Machines 6-Packthe orange 1980 version, a nice metalflake red model from 1983, the white variation with a fun racing livery from 1985, and the laser-engraved plastic model from the 1992 Gleam Team series.

1991 Hot Wheels ’55 Chevy

The Hot Wheels ’55 Chevy was produced from 1982 up until the 2001 Final Run series, and can be found in about 32 different variations, though this is only the second version I’ve added to my collection. This white model with a colorful tampo design is one of my recent St. Louis Facebook Marketplace finds – thanks to my friend, Chris.

This variation, which has a gray plastic base, might have been found in the #95 Collector card or as a McDonald’s promo giveaway. The other ’55 Chevy in my collection is a fun Color Racer from 1988.

Hot Wheels | 1991 | 95 or McDonald’s | ’55 Chevy | white with red, yellow and magenta trim, gray plastic base | MY | bw

Instant Hot Wheels Camaro Z-28 Collection

The most recent lot of cars that my friend, Chris, found for me on the Facebook Marketplace out of St. Louis included 8 different variations of the Hot Wheels Camaro Z-28. I didn’t grab all of them, but I took five that had either blackwalls or gold hot ones wheels. In addition to one that I already have, this makes 6 in total, which may be the most of any one casting that I have in my vintage collection.

This first example is the first-casting, which was released in the 1982 Hot Ones series.

Apparently, there is also a version with identical paint, tampo and wheels which does not have ‘Camaro’ stamped into the base like mine.

Hot Wheels | 1982 | 5182 | Camaro Z-28 | white with purple, red and yellow trim, ‘Camaro’ on base | HK | gho

This 1983 variation – also released in the Hot Ones series – is one of three from that year. They all have the same tampo and wheels, but one is enamel gray cast in Hong Kong, the other two in metalflake gray cast in either Malaysia or Hong Kong like this one.

Hot Wheels | 1983 | 5182 | Camaro Z-28 | metalflake gray with orange and red trim | HK | gho

And from the 1986 Hot Ones series, this red model with blue, black and yellow trim.

Hot Wheels | 1986 | 5182 | Camaro Z-28 | red with blue, black and yellow trim, unpainted metal base | HK | gho

These next two blackwall examples from 1991 could be found in either the #33 Collector card or as McDonald’s promotionals.

Hot Wheels | 1991 | 33 or McDonald’s | Camaro Z-28 | purple with orange, light green and yellow trim, black plastic base | MY | bw

Hot Wheels | 1991 | 33 or McDonald’s | Camaro Z-28 | orange with yellow, magenta and blue trim, black plastic base | MY | bw

The other Hot Wheels Camaro Z-28 in my collection is from the 1988 Color Racers series.

1980 Hot Wheels Bywayman

The Hot Wheels Bywayman is based on the third-generation General Motors C/K series pickup and was first released in 1979. It was produced in about 40 different variations up until it was included in the 2003 Final Run series.

This light green model from 1980 – one of the recent batch of Facebook Marketplace cars that my St. Louis friend, Chris, found for me – is a little worn, but still has intact plastic running lights.

In my collection, I also have the 1979 Bywayman first-casting, and a pearl white variation from 1993. There is a variation of this casting which has a plastic blade attached to the front and I have two examples, including the 1992 Power Plower as well as a mint version from 1993 called Path Beater.

Hot Wheels | 1980 | 2509 | Bywayman | light green with yellow, black and white trim | HK | bw