1978 Hot Wheels

This page lists all of the 1978 Hot Wheels, with a photo of each one that I have in my collection. The name of each car that I have links to a page with more information and photos. As I acquire the remaining cars in the list, I will add photos and links to this page.


1978 | 2012 | Jaguar XJS | gray with yellow, red & black trim, | HK | bs

1978 | 2013 | ’57 T-Bird | white with red, blue & black trim, round rear side windows | HK | bs

1978 | 2013 | ’57 T-Bird | yellow with red, blue & black trim, round rear side windows | HK | bs

1978 | 2014 | Hot Bird | black with yellow & red trim | HK | bs

1978 | 2015 | Packin’ Pacer | yellow with red, purple and blue trim | HK | bs

1978 | 2016 | A-OK | light green w/olive fenders, “Early Times” trim | HK | bs

1978 | 2017 | Lickety Six | dark blue | HK | bs

1978 | 2018 | Science Friction | white w/ “Space Cop” trim | HK | bs

1978 | 2019 | Highway Patrol | white with “Highway Patrol on sides, “12” on sides | HK | bs

1978 | 2019 | Highway Patrol | white with “Highway Patrol on sides, “12” on sides and top | HK | bs

1978 | 2020 | Stagefright | brown | MY | bs

1978 | 2021 | Race Bait 308 | red, yellow white & blue trim | MY | bs

1978 | 2022 | Baja Breaker | gray with yellow, red & blue trim | HK | bs

1978 | 2023 | Army Funny Car | white w/red & blue trim | HK | bs


1978 | 7662 | American Victory | magenta with orange & yellow trim | HK | bs

1978 | 8235 | Jet Threat II | blue with orange & yellow trim | HK | bs

1978 | 9638 | ‘57 Chevy | black with white & yellow trim | HK | bs

1978 | 9647 | ’56 Hi-Tail Hauler | orange with yellow & blue trim, black motorcycles | HK | bs

1978 Oldies But Goodies | 9649 | ‘31 Doozie | orange with tan top, light brown fenders | HK | bs


1978 | 7650 | Emergency Squad | red with white & yellow trim, blue plastic insert | HK | bs (Could also be found in the 1977 Flying Colors series)

1978 | 7661 | Paramedic | yellow with red & white trim, metal base | HK | bs (Could also be found in the 1977 Flying Colors series)

1978 | 7665 | Chief’s Special | red with white & yellow trim | HK | bs (Could also be found in the 1977 Flying Colors series)

1978 | 9640 | Fire Eater | red, black & yellow trim, blue hose bed, no holes in base | MY | bs (Could also be found in the 1977 Flying Colors series)


2018 Hot Wheels Flames ’63 Chevy II

I think I spent most of 2018 looking for this Hot Wheels Flames version of the ’63 Chevy II, a casting which made its debut in 2016. Just before Halloween, I finally found mine at a relatively new (to Wichita) store called 4 Below (similar to a dollar store, with everything $4 or less). In fact they had a pair of them hanging in their small Hot Wheels section, so I was able to choose the cleanest card of the two.

I’m not a huge fan of the PR5 wheel, but the flame and paint combo is pretty sharp. I see there is also a black Kroger exclusive version with blue and yellow flames that looks even more striking, so I’ll be hunting for that one too. My favorite variation so far of the ’63 Chevy II is the 2017 Retro Series version that was a Target exclusive.

Hot Wheels | FJW68 | 2018 HW Flames | ’63 Chevy II | metallic green with orange and yellow trim | PR5

1978 Hot Wheels ’57 Chevy

I have a few cars in my collection that I haven’t yet photographed and posted, mostly because they are in pretty rough shape. But I’m not sure how this nice ’57 Chevy escaped being featured previously. It came from the Collection of Big A and is a little playworn, but it’s certainly nothing to be embarrassed about.

The Hot Wheels ’57 Chevy was first released in 1977, wearing either redlines or blackwalls and red paint, with a tampo very similar to this. This black version is from the following year and this paint/tampo was repeated again in 1982 but with gold Hot Ones. There are dozens more variations of this popular model going right up to the current year. And there are even more variations of the version with an exposed engine, of which I have a good example from its first year, 1984, and another from the 1992 Classic Collection 5-pack.

Hot Wheels | 1978 | 9638 | ‘57 Chevy | black with white & yellow trim | HK | bs

2017 MAD Magazine ’64 Chevy Nova Delivery

Like many of you, I imagine, MAD Magazine’s Alfred E. Neuman was one of the iconic figures from my childhood. Although, as familiar as I am with his goofy grin, I was not – until now – aware of his origins.

An advertisement for a stage play, The New Boy, which debuted on Broadway in 1894, features a character with the same, unmistakable features; the bad haircut, big ears, gap-toothed grin and crooked eyes. The New Boy even had a similar catch phrase, “What’s the good of anything? – Nothing!” In fact, the character was adopted by political cartoonists and product advertisements, appearing over the years in everything from a 1930 postcard for James Evans Auto Parts (with the slogan “Me Worry?”) to political ads opposing FDR’s reelection in 1940.

The character began appearing in MAD Magazine in 1954, eventually with the phrase “What? Me Worry?” When Al Feldstein became the editor in 1956, he commissioned Norman Mingo to create an illustration which established the look that has been used ever since. Early on, the character had various names such as Melvin Coznowski or Mel Haney. The magazine’s editors were fans of the Henry Morgan radio show, which featured an innocuous character named Newman (a reference to the film score composer of the ’40s and ’50s, Alfred Newman.) Eventually, the character became Alfred E. Neuman, with his signature catch phrase, “What – Me Worry?”

This MAD ’64 Nova Wagon came to me from my friend, Brad, in a trade for some additions to his collection of Jeeps and 4x4s. It completes my collection of the 2017 Pop Culture MAD series, which also includes the delightful Don Martin vehicles and the spectacular Spy vs. Spy vans.

DWH24 | 2017 Pop Culture MAD Magazine | ’64 Chevy Nova Delivery | yellow and white with Alfred E. Neuman trim | RRLW5

You can follow a link trail of my other ’64 Nova Deliveries by starting here.

And just for fun, here’s an assortment of my vintage MAD digest covers showing Alfred E. Neuman doing his thing.

2018 Hot Wheels Stars & Stripes ’66 Chevy Nova

I’ve enjoyed seeing all of the different Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary series in the stores this year. But after finding the ’66 Nova from the Stars & Stripes series, I’m having mixed feelings about it. I’m trying to be selective about what I add to my collection these days, so I chose to only buy the Nova, rather than buy and display the entire series so that I could spell out “HOT WHEELS”. As much as I like the weathered Americana packaging, I’m not sure how I feel about having a car with a giant “T” on the package, which looks pretty random when you see it on its own. Still the car itself is a beautiful metalflake blue with a flashy stars and stripes motif, and it will be a nice addition to my collection of many ’66 Novas.

FKV84 | 2018 Stars & Stripes 50th Anniv. | ’66 Chevy Nova | metalflake blue with red, white and gold trim, stamped ’68 Nova on base | PR5

It’s interesting that the base of this model is mistakenly stamped “’68 Nova”, just like the multipack exclusive I picked up earlier this year.

2018 Gift-Pack Exclusive ’66 Chevy Novas

Back in March at WalMart, I found the first of these two Hot Wheels 9-Packs, which contain exclusive variations of the ’66 Chevy Nova. When I took the gray Nova out of the package, I realized it was mistakenly stamped “’68 Nova” on the bottom. I looked online at several sources trying to find more info, but have yet to find it listed on any of the usual sites. Meanwhile, I noticed that a white variation was showing up on eBay and I quickly found that 9-pack at WalMart more recently. (The white model is correctly stamped “’66 Nova” on the bottom.)

Since originally posting this, I have found a third 9-pack exclusive variation (see below).

2018 Hot Wheels Gift-Pack Exclusive | ’66 Chevy Nova | metallic gray with red and black flames, stamped ’68 Nova on bottom | PR5

2018 Hot Wheels Gift-Pack Exclusive | ’66 Chevy Nova | white with orange and black flames, | black PR5 with gold rims

2018 Hot Wheels Gift-Pack Exclusive | ’66 Chevy Nova | purple with white, orange and silver flames | OH5

Click this trail to see a few more of my Hot Wheels ’66 Novas.

1992 Hot Wheels Classic Collection 5-Pack

This 1992 Hot Wheels Classic Collection 5-Pack is the last of four 90’s multipacks that I found at the Wichita Community Market. I recently bought an identical ’65 Mustang Convertible and Classic Cobra from the same seller on eBay, which leads me to believe those might originally have been from this same 5-pack. Still, I’m happy to have all of these cars in mint condition (even if the package is a little less so.)

1992 Hot Wheels | 1629 | Classic Collection Five Pack

The ’65 Mustang Convertible was first released in 1984. Here’s a link to my eBay ’65 Mustang, which includes more information about this popular casting.
’65 Mustang Covertible | dark red with yellow trim, tan interior | MY | WW

This is the first Mercedes 540K that I’ve added to my collection. The casting first appeared in 1982 and has seen about 22 variations up until it was included in the 1999 Final Run series. This blue with red glitter version was also used in the 1995 Hot Wheels series.

Mercedes 540K | blue with red glitter, lt blue roof | MY | BW

The Hot Wheels ’57 Chevy goes all the way back to 1977 and has come out in dozens of variations since then. I also have a similar model from 1984 – the first of the exposed engine versions – with the same paint and tampo as this one, but with gold Hot Ones wheels. This Ultra Hot version could also be found in the 1991 mainlines.
’57 Chevy (exposed engine) | yellow with white and red flames | MY | UH

I already have the first casting of the ’35 Classic Caddy from 1982. It has since appeared more than two dozen times up until 2012. This metalflake dark blue and dark purple version with white walls was also found in the 1989 Mainline Classics series.

’35 Classic Caddy | metalflake dark blue with dark purple fenders, tan interior | MY | WW

The Classic Cobra was first released in 1983. Here’s a link to my eBay Classic Cobra, which includes more information about the casting.
Classic Cobra | red with yellow, black and white trim, black interior | BW