1982 Hot Wheels Spoiler Sport

The Hot Wheels Spoiler Sport was designed by Larry Wood and first released in 1977. It is a wedge-shaped van with a set of skylight windows just behind the cab and a giant wing on the back. Many of the variations can be found with either two narrow horizontal windows in the back or one larger horizontal window. The large window version also includes a drag chute tucked just over the rear bumper.

This white example, from 1982, is in poor shape and is missing much of its yellow, purple and blue flame tampo.

There are about 11 variations of Spoiler Sport, of which I have the green 1977 first casting and the shiny version from 1979 Golden Machines 6-Pack. I also have the 1979 version released as Incredible Hulk in both two small window and large window variations. In 1985, the casting was re-named Street Scorcher and can be found in an additional 7 or so variations since.

Hot Wheels | 1982 | 9641 | Spoiler Sport | white with yellow, purple, blue trim, one large rear window | MY | bw


1975 Hot Wheels Emergency Squad, Ranger Rig and Variations

The Hot Wheels Emergency Squad and Ranger Rig, both released in 1975, were the same casting with different paint and decoration. In fact, several models released in 1975 (Backwoods Bomb, Paramedic/Super Van, Emergency Squad/Ranger Rig, Ramblin’ Wrecker) used the same molded base and grille.

Emergency Squad is said to be based on the TV show Emergency! which ran from 1972 until 1977 and was one of my favorites. The vehicle in the show, Squad 51, was a Dodge D-300 and it now sits in the Los Angeles County Fire Museum along with its co-star, Engine 51.

This redline-wearing first release from 1975 came from eBay. I also still have the 1977 blackwall version of Emergency Squad from my childhood.

Hot Wheels | 1975 | 7650 | Emergency Squad | red with white & yellow trim, blue plastic insert | HK | rl

Next up is the redline 1975 first release of Ranger Rig.

Hot Wheels | 1975 | 7666 | Ranger Rig | green, red plastic insert, Forest Service Unit 71, etc. | HK | rl

In 1986, the casting was renamed Rescue Ranger (and more recently, HW Rapid Responder) and many, many variations followed. This green version with a yellow insert and colorful Forest Service emblem on the doors is from 1986.

Hot Wheels | 1986 | 2537 | Rescue Ranger | green, yellow plastic insert, Forest Service Tools Seeds | MY | bw

Finally, this red model with yellow insert and Hot Wheels Rescue Unit on the doors is from the 1988 Workhorses Series.

I also have a yellow Airship Support Team version from the 1994 Blimp & Support Team 5-Pack.

Hot Wheels | 1988 Workhorses | 5145 | Rescue Ranger | red with yellow plastic insert, yellow and black Hot Wheels Rescue Unit | MY | bw

Hot Wheels Turismo Variations

This interesting Hot Wheels model is said to have been originally cast as the DeLorean. When the deal to license the model fell through, the tooling was reworked just enough that it could be released as an unlicensed car and it was called Turismo. I’ve had three variations of this car in my collection for a long time, but probably due to their generally poor condition, I’ve never featured them here.

This red version with tan interior and rear deck is the first casting from 1981. Unfortunately, it is missing most of the yellow, white and black tampo (as well as quite a bit of the red paint).

1981 | 1694 | Turismo | red with mostly missing yellow, black and white trim, tan interior | HK | bw | $6

Here you see the red variation from 1982, which has a black interior and rear deck. The tampo decoration on this model (thankfully, mostly still visible) is basically the same as what would have been on the first release above.

1982 | 1694 | Turismo | red with yellow, black & white trim, black interior | MY | bw | $4

This next yellow variation with a purple interior and rear deck is from 1983 and is also missing most of its tampo. You can just barely make out the remnants of what would have been striking black, purple and orange stripes along the sides of the car.

1983 | 1694 | Turismo | yellow, dark windows, purple interior, mostly missing purple, orange & black trim | MY | bw | $5

1988 Hot Wheels Shadow Jet

Designed by Larry Wood, the Hot Wheels Shadow Jet is a futuristic take on an open-wheel racer. There are about 27 variations of Shadow Jet, Including these two from its 1988 first release. This first clean example is from the Collection of Big A and is yellow with tampo in red and blue.

Hot Wheels | 1988 | 4699 | Shadow Jet | yellow with red and blue trim | MY | bw

The next model is not quite as nice, but it shows the red and magenta tampo variation, and also – because it’s missing the plastic canopy – you can clearly see the interesting inline two-seat cockpit.

1988 | 4699 | Shadow Jet | yellow with red and purple trim (missing canopy) | MY | bw | $1

In my collection I also have nice loose examples of the 1991 metallic purple version and the 1992 green model, as well as the green variation in the 1994 Racing Team Five-Pack.

1992 Hot Wheels VW Bug

The iconic Volkswagen Type 1 – mostly known as the Beetle or Bug – was a part of the Hot Wheels lineup from the very beginning. The 1968 Hot Wheels Custom Volkswagen had a very high rake and a blown engine protruding from the front of the car. A similar casting appeared in 1974, simply called Volkswagen, a promotional variation of which made it into the Wisconsin Toy Company lineup in 1980.

In 1989, the car was cast again, this time presumably with a rear engine like the real thing. Since then the wildly popular model has been produced in around 5 dozen different variations. My metallic purple version with blackwalls is from 1992.

Hot Wheels | 1992 | 7671 | VW Bug | metallic purple, with light green, yellow and orange trim | MY | bw

1997 Hot Wheels Beach Blaster (Inside Story)

This white Hot Wheels Inside Story may not be in the best shape – missing a fair amount of its red and magenta tampo – but it stands out in my collection in a couple of different ways. Released in the 1997 mainlines as Beach Blaster, it is the latest (year of release) loose car in my collection that wears blackwalls. Also, it is the only casting in my collection that was made in India.

I have a few other examples of the Hot Wheels Inside Story in my collection, including the gray first-release and the Spider Man Scene Machine (both from 1979), and the yellow model from 1980.

Hot Wheels | 1997 | 3300 | Inside Story | white with red & magenta trim, gray plastic base | India | bw

1988 Hot Wheels Color Racers ’55 Chevy

The Hot Wheels ’55 Chevy was first cast in 1982 and was released in around 30 different variations up until its inclusion in the Final Run Series of 2001. I recently rescued this example – the only one I have in my collection – from one of my reject buckets. It is from the 1988 Color Racers series and would have been found in one of many different 3-Packs.

Applying heat to this car turns it somewhat more to the yellow side of orange. (We can assume the effect would have been more dramatic when the car was new.) In this case, it mostly seems to lessen the contrast around the areas of chipped paint.

Hot Wheels | 1990 | 1440 | Color Racers 3-Pack | ’55 Chevy | orange to yellow with blue red and yellow trim | MY | bw