1978 Hot Wheels

This page lists all of the 1978 Hot Wheels, with a photo of each one that I have in my collection. The name of each car that I have links to a page with more information and photos. As I acquire the remaining cars in the list, I will add photos and links to this page.


1978 | 2012 | Jaguar XJS | gray with yellow, red & black trim, | HK | bs

1978 | 2013 | ’57 T-Bird | white with red, blue & black trim, round rear side windows | HK | bs

1978 | 2013 | ’57 T-Bird | yellow with red, blue & black trim, round rear side windows | HK | bs

1978 | 2014 | Hot Bird | black with yellow & red trim | HK | bs

1978 | 2015 | Packin’ Pacer | yellow with red, purple and blue trim | HK | bs

1978 | 2016 | A-OK | light green w/olive fenders, “Early Times” trim | HK | bs

1978 | 2017 | Lickety Six | dark blue | HK | bs

1978 | 2018 | Science Friction | white w/ “Space Cop” trim | HK | bs

1978 | 2019 | Highway Patrol | white with “Highway Patrol on sides, “12” on sides | HK | bs

1978 | 2019 | Highway Patrol | white with “Highway Patrol on sides, “12” on sides and top | HK | bs

1978 | 2020 | Stagefright | brown | MY | bs

1978 | 2021 | Race Bait 308 | red, yellow white & blue trim | MY | bs

1978 | 2022 | Baja Breaker | gray with yellow, red & blue trim | HK | bs

1978 | 2023 | Army Funny Car | white w/red & blue trim | HK | bs


1978 | 7662 | American Victory | magenta with orange & yellow trim | HK | bs

1978 | 8235 | Jet Threat II | blue with orange & yellow trim | HK | bs

1978 | 9638 | ‘57 Chevy | black with white & yellow trim | HK | bs

1978 | 9647 | ’56 Hi-Tail Hauler | orange with yellow & blue trim, black motorcycles | HK | bs

1978 Oldies But Goodies | 9649 | ‘31 Doozie | orange with tan top, light brown fenders | HK | bs


1978 | 7650 | Emergency Squad | red with white & yellow trim, blue plastic insert | HK | bs (Could also be found in the 1977 Flying Colors series)

1978 | 7661 | Paramedic | yellow with red & white trim, metal base | HK | bs (Could also be found in the 1977 Flying Colors series)

1978 | 7665 | Chief’s Special | red with white & yellow trim | HK | bs (Could also be found in the 1977 Flying Colors series)

1978 | 9640 | Fire Eater | red, black & yellow trim, blue hose bed, no holes in base | MY | bs (Could also be found in the 1977 Flying Colors series)


1998 Hot Wheels 30th Anniversary Flea Market Finds

Through 2018, while I was enjoying finding the various special series celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Hot Wheels, I also added to my collection of the 1998 Hot Wheels 30th Anniversary Series. For this series, Hot Wheels chose to reproduce one casting from each of the first 30 years, complete with the original card art. I found this most recent selection at one of my favorite booths at the Wichita Community Market.

The Hot Wheels ’65 Mustang Convertible was first cast in 1984 and makes a fine representative for that year in the 30th Anniversary series. I actually have one of the original release models, as well as a variation from 1991 and an identical version in a 5-pack from 1992.

By the way, if you were to find one of these loose, you could tell the difference between it and the original release by the tiny gold 30th Anniversary Hot Wheels logo stamped on it somewhere. On the Mustang, you can see it on the rear fender.

Hot Wheels | 18873 | 1998 30th Anniversary | ’65 Mustang Convertible (1984) | red with gold 30th Anniv. logo on rear fender | whitewalls

The ’32 Ford Delivery represents the year 1989. I only recently added one of these to my collection when I nabbed a Little Debbie promotional 3-pack on eBay.

Hot Wheels | 18878 | 1998 30th Anniversary | ’32 Sedan Delivery (1989) | yellow with orange red and purple Hot Wheels Delivery trim, gold 30th Anniv. logo on rear | blackwalls

Everyone loves the Hot Wheels Purple Passion and there have been around 100 variations released, but this 30th Anniversary replica of the 1990 first release is the first one I’ve added to my collection. I noticed that the whitewall stripe on the tire is narrower than the broad whitewall of the original.

Hot Wheels | 18879 | 1998 30th Anniversary | Purple Passion (1990) | metallic purple with light green, dark green and blue trim, gold 30th Anniv. logo on rear window | whitewalls

Hot Wheels chose to represent 1995 with Hydroplane. After a decade and about 13 variations, Hydroplane was retired in the 2005 final run series.

Hot Wheels | 18884 | 1998 30th Anniversary | Hydroplane (1995) | metallic blue with Hot Wheels racing trim, gold 30th Anniv. logo on right front

To commemorate 1997, Hot Wheels brought back the Scorchin’ Scooter. In 1998 it was also found as a Treasure Hunt and the casting has since seen over 3 dozen variations.

Hot Wheels | 18886 | 1998 30th Anniversary | Scorchin’ Scooter (1997) | purple with red, blue and silver flames, gold 30th Anniv. logo on tank | MC3

1985 Hot Wheels Super Cannon and Flea Market Finds

While making a run through the Wichita Community Market last month, I came across a shelf full of cars. Normally I would have passed on some of these, but the man at the booth was determined to make me a deal on the entire lot. We settled on $12 and he was even nice enough to find me some newspaper to wrap them in.

The cleanest of the bunch, with all of its plastic parts intact, is this Hot Wheels Super Cannon. The casting first appeared in 1982 as Megadestroyer 1 and Megadestroyer 2 – merchandising for the movie Megaforce. This model is the first variation of Super Cannon from 1985, with 5 variations to follow. In 1996 it became Enforcer, which is still going strong and can be found in about two dozen more variations.

With its black blackwalls, it makes a nice companion for my 1985 Hot Wheels Tank Gunner.

Hot Wheels | 1985 | 9373 | Super Cannon | olive with light green, brown and tan camouflage | MY | black bs

Earlier this year, I landed a Hot Wheels Malibu Gran Prix on eBay. This one is the identical version from 1982, except that it is even more playworn and was cast in Malaysia rather than Hong Kong.

Hot Wheels | 1982 | 9037 | Malibu Gran Prix | black with red, yellow and blue trim | MY | BW

Someday I’d like to have a nice example of an early blackwall Hot Wheels CAT Forklift in my collection, but this is not it. Although it is the 1981 variation with Cv80 cast into the sides, it is missing both its yellow plastic forks as well as the black plastic roll cage.

The only other Hot Wheels forklift I have in my collection is the Marcus Construction version from 2000 – though I do have a nice Matchbox forklift from my childhood collection.

Hot Wheels | 1981 Hot Wheels Workhorses | 1168 | CAT Forklift | yellow, no tampo, Cv80 in casting, missing plastic cage and forks | MY | bs

Another Hot Wheels casting I’m familiar with is the Rig Wrecker. I have a fun but playworn blackwall version from 1983 as well as the airship tug from my excellent 1994 Blimp & Support Team 5-Pack.

This particular 7-spoke Rig Wrecker is from the 1997 Hot Wheels Auto City 5-Pack, which would have included a Fire Eater, Sheriff Patrol, Mazda MX-5 Miata, and a Peterbilt Dump Truck.

Hot Wheels | 1997 Auto City 5-Pack | 3917 | Rig Wrecker | white with blue, red and yellow tampo, gray plastic tow hook | MY | 7sp

This next item is from the 1966 Matchbox #9 Boat and Trailer – minus the boat, obviously. As soon as I figured out what it was, I was determined to find it a mate. Stay tuned for an update on this soon.

Matchbox | 1966 | 9 | Boat Trailer | blue | black plastic wheels

I still have some Playart models from my childhood collection, but I rarely find them around these days. So I was a little surprised with the next three of the lot, which are all Playart. In fact, I have a version of this same fire engine, but on my childhood car, only the cab and base of the model are metal, with the back being red plastic with a chrome plastic insert and a white plastic ladder.

On this flea market version, both of the back parts are diecast, making the whole thing quite a bit heavier than my childhood car. It makes me wonder if the missing ladder would have been diecast as well. Also notice all three of these Playart models have the flower wheels, while some of my childhood Playarts had black wheels with a chrome plastic hub.

Playart | Fire Engine | red with broken windshield and missing ladder | flower wheels

This Playart Cement Mixer is missing the plastic mixer as well as the entire windshield.

Playart | Cement Mixer | orange and green with missing windshield and mixer | flower wheels

This Playart AEC Routemaster Double-Decker Bus is missing the upper level. This model could be found in a variety of liveries, including a Kentucky Fried Chicken version.

Playart | AEC Routemaster Double Decker Bus | red with missing top level | flower wheels

Another Playart model from my childhood is the Playart Kubelwagen. The only other Playart model I have is an orange Lamborghini Marzal.

This next item is the Zylmex Wheaties Van, which was a mail-in promotional. This custom Dodge van is missing a lot of its paint, its plastic grille, and most of the decorative decals.

Zylmex / Zee Toys | P342 | Wheaties Van (mail-in promo) | brown with missing plastic grille

I also have some Zylmex models from my childhood – a bunch of the M*A*S*H series. You can read more about Zylmex and see some of my other Zee Toys here.

And finally, this last item is a Summer Marauder Can AM Racer, also well-worn and missing its windshield and driver.

Summer | #S8008 | Marauder Can AM Racer | silver with blue, black and red trim, missing windshield and driver

You can see a few of my other Summer models here.

1995 Hot Wheels Little Debbie Bakery 3-Pack Promo

I had been seeing these blackwall Hot Wheels Little Debbie cars on eBay and even bid (unsuccessfully) on a couple of them. When I figured out they were from the same 3-pack, I realized I could get all three – still in the package – for a better price than bidding on them individually. According to the Hot Wheels Wiki, this 3-pack from 1995 was a mail-in offer, which can also be found with all of the cars wearing 7-spoke wheels.

Hot Wheels | 1995 Little Debbie Bakery 3-Pack Promo

The Hot Wheels Delivery Truck was first released in 1977 as Letter Getter, based on the iconic U.S. Postal Service delivery vehicle. In 1979, the casting was used in the Scene Machines series for both the Incredible Hulk and S.W.A.T. Van. The extremely popular model is still being produced – now about 5 dozen variations – and not only does it deliver junk food (also Frito Lay, Twix, etc.,) it has been everything from the Hot Wheels Racing van to a combat medic to Homer Simpson’s nuclear waste truck.

Delivery Truck | white with red and blue Little Debbie trim | MY | BW

The Hot Wheels ’32 Ford Delivery is said to be based on designer Larry Wood’s own car and is another very popular casting. It was first released in 1989 with Hot Wheels delivery trim and has seen over 40 variations since then. This is the first of this casting that I’ve added to my collection. In addition to McKee Baking on the sides (McKee Foods is the corporation that owns the Little Debbie brand), the ’32 Ford has a small Little Debbie logo on the back.

’32 Ford Delivery | white with red plastic fenders, red and blue McKee Little Debbie trim | MY | BW

I’m a fan of the original Hot Wheels Hiway Hauler which was first released in 1980, but this is my first of the second generation Hiway Hauler. First cast in 1992 with Kool-Aid Wacky Warehouse livery, this rig has been released in over 60 variations and is still going strong.

Hiway Hauler | white with red and blue McKee Little Debbie trim | MY | BW

Hot Wheels and Little Debbie did 3 more exclusive 3-packs in subsequent years:

  • 1997 – Forklift, Off Road Racer, Thunder Roller
  • 2001 – ’70 Chevelle, ’69 Mustang Mach I, ’70 Road Runner
  • 2005 – Delivery Truck, Roll Patrol Jeep, Hiway Hauler

A Gifted 1980 Hot Wheels Greyhound MC-8

Say what you will about diecast collectors, but there are some pretty good ones among us. A few years back, after commenting online that I was having trouble finding the Hot Wheels Mystery Machine, someone I do not know mailed me a pair of them. Recently, when I nabbed the Bronco 4-Wheeler and American Tipper on eBay, I also received a nice Hot Wheels Greyhound MC-8 in the package. I messaged the seller to let them know that I had been mistakenly sent the Greyhound, but the reply was simply, “I sent it to you for free. Thank you.”

Issued only in 1980, the Hot Wheels Greyhound MC-8 was cast in Mexico, Malaysia and – like this one – Hong Kong. I have another of these that is in not quite as nice condition.

Hot Wheels | 1980 | 1127 | Greyhound MC-8 | silver & white, blue and red trim | HK | bs

1981 Hot Wheels Bronco 4-Wheeler

When I recently bought the Hot Wheels American Tipper on eBay, I checked the seller’s other items, as I usually do, to take advantage of combined shipping. I bid on and won this nice Bronco 4-Wheeler, the first release of the casting from 1981. I’ve been a fan of this model since I first bid on one (and lost) on eBay a few years back. Glad to finally get one in my collection.

The Bronco 4-wheeler is a popular casting designed by Larry Wood. It’s based on the 1980 to 1982 series Ford Bronco and has appeared in about two dozen variations up until it was retired the Final Run series in 2003. I have a few other well-worn examples in my collection, including the metallic blue version from 1990, a white-with-flames model from 1987, an Ecolab promo from 1991, and a red version from 1998.

Hot Wheels | 1981 | 1690 | Bronco 4-Wheeler | black with yellow, red and orange trim, chrome plastic interior and motorcycle, clear windows | HK | bs

1977 Hot Wheels Thrill Drivers Torino

When I recently landed the Hot Wheels Highway Patrol (with no 12 on the roof) on eBay, it came in a lot of three cars. The second car was a nice, clean Sheriff Patrol. The third car was in such bad shape that I didn’t pay much attention to it until it came time to identify it and list it in my collection.

As it turns out, if this car were in better shape, it would be worth a whole big chunk of change more than the other two cars put together. The Hot Wheels Torino Stocker was first released in 1975 and can be found in about 7 different variations, including one in my collection from the 1982 Hot Ones. But, this well-worn model is the Thrill Drivers Torino from 1977, which was only available in the Thrill Drivers Corkscrew Race Set. Each track set came with two Torinos, one in white and the other in red. Both color variations were made in either Mexico or – like mine – in Hong Kong.

Hot Wheels | 1977 | 9793 | Thrill Drivers Torino | white with worn blue and red trim | HK | bs