2019 Hot Wheels HW Flames ’66 Chevy Nova

This 2019 HW Flames ’66 Chevy Nova is the second of three items I got recently in the mail from my friend Brad. Two years ago we saw the ’66 Nova included in the excellent HW Flames 5-pack, but the flames on this 2019 version are even more impressive, covering not only both sides of the car, but the hood and top as well.

There is also a black variation of this car showing up in stores now, and when I find one of those, I’ll include it on this page.

Hot Wheels | FYC42 | 2019 HW Flames | ’66 Chevy Nova | red with white and yellow flames | MC5


2019 Hot Wheels Team Transport ’66 Super Nova and Retro Rig

A few weeks ago at Target, I managed to find my Team Transport ’66 Super Nova. After the 2018 Drag Strip Demons Super Nova, this is only the second version of this casting that I’ve been able to add to my collection.

The Car Culture Team Transport series, which debuted in 2018 and includes castings like the Porsche 356 Speedster, the ’69 Nissan Skyline Van and the ’71 Datsun 510 – each paired with a car hauler in matching racing livery – has been full of releases that have been hard for me to resist.

The ’66 Super Nova and Retro Rig Combo is from the third mix of this very popular series.

Hot Wheels | FYT09 | 2019 Car Culture Team Transport #7 | ’66 Super Nova and Retro Rig | matte black with silver Black Hole Racing trim | Goodyear black rrdrags / rrprf

2018 Hot Wheels Stars & Stripes ’66 Chevy Nova

I’ve enjoyed seeing all of the different Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary series in the stores this year. But after finding the ’66 Nova from the Stars & Stripes series, I’m having mixed feelings about it. I’m trying to be selective about what I add to my collection these days, so I chose to only buy the Nova, rather than buy and display the entire series so that I could spell out “HOT WHEELS”. As much as I like the weathered Americana packaging, I’m not sure how I feel about having a car with a giant “T” on the package, which looks pretty random when you see it on its own. Still the car itself is a beautiful metalflake blue with a flashy stars and stripes motif, and it will be a nice addition to my collection of many ’66 Novas.

FKV84 | 2018 Stars & Stripes 50th Anniv. | ’66 Chevy Nova | metalflake blue with red, white and gold trim, stamped ’68 Nova on base | PR5

It’s interesting that the base of this model is mistakenly stamped “’68 Nova”, just like the multipack exclusive I picked up earlier this year.

2018 Gift-Pack Exclusive ’66 Chevy Novas

Back in March at WalMart, I found the first of these two Hot Wheels 9-Packs, which contain exclusive variations of the ’66 Chevy Nova. When I took the gray Nova out of the package, I realized it was mistakenly stamped “’68 Nova” on the bottom. I looked online at several sources trying to find more info, but have yet to find it listed on any of the usual sites. Meanwhile, I noticed that a white variation was showing up on eBay and I quickly found that 9-pack at WalMart more recently. (The white model is correctly stamped “’66 Nova” on the bottom.)

Since originally posting this, I have found a third 9-pack exclusive variation (see below).

2018 Hot Wheels Gift-Pack Exclusive | ’66 Chevy Nova | metallic gray with red and black flames, stamped ’68 Nova on bottom | PR5

2018 Hot Wheels Gift-Pack Exclusive | ’66 Chevy Nova | white with orange and black flames, | black PR5 with gold rims

2018 Hot Wheels Gift-Pack Exclusive | ’66 Chevy Nova | purple with white, orange and silver flames | OH5

Click this trail to see a few more of my Hot Wheels ’66 Novas.

HW Flames, Flames, Flames and More Flames

I have a new favorite Hot Wheels 5-pack. In fact, I’m pretty sure they had me in mind when they put an Impala and a Nova in the same pack. It sure doesn’t hurt that they included a Camaro, a Shelby Mustang and a 70’s Dodge van – all decked out flames. Yes, this 2017 HW Flames collection has even surpassed the cool factor of my previous favorite, the 2016 Muscle Mania 5-pack.


The ’65 Chevy Impala goes all the way back to 1998 and its many variations include a previous flame-wearing Sunburnerz version from 2013.

img_9473DVF91 | 2017 HW Flames 5-Pack | ’65 Chevy Impala | metalflake gold with yellow flames  | gold 10SP

The ’69 Chevy Camaro Convertible was first released in 2006 and has since been produced in over 30 variations.

img_9472DVF91 | 2017 HW Flames 5-Pack | ’69 Chevy Camaro Convertible | metallic maroon with orange, yellow and white flames | OH5SP

This year, the ’66 Chevy Nova celebrates its tenth year as a Hot Wheels casting. One of my favorites is the HW Road Trippin’ release from 2014.

img_9471DVF91 | 2017 HW Flames 5-Pack | ’66 Chevy Nova | dark green with lime green flames  | PR5

This black ’67 Shelby GT500 is only the tenth appearance of this casting since its debut in 2010.

img_9469DVF91 | 2017 HW Flames 5-Pack | ’67 Shelby GT500 | black with red and yellow flames | red chrome 5SP

The Custom ’77 Dodge Van has a nice, large sunroof to illuminate the 6 large bucket seats in its interior.

img_9470DVF91 | 2017 HW Flames 5-Pack | Custom ’77 Dodge Van | metallic dark blue with red and yellow flames | yellow PR5

As if it this flaming 5-pack wasn’t a good enough find that day at Target, I also scored the HW Flames ’68 Chevy Nova – which happens to be my preferred alternate tool version.

img_9456img_9478DTX79 | 2017 HW Flames 1/10 | 1968 Chevy Nova | orange with black and silver trim | OH5 | Alternate tool (no hood scoop)

2014 Mission Madness ’66 Chevy Nova

I was pretty excited when my son and I found the Mystery Model ’66 Chevy Nova a few weeks ago, thinking the foil-packaged metalflake purple variation was pretty unique. Well, it turns out there’s an almost identical version in the Mission Madness series, which is exclusive to Kroger stores. The back of the package describes it as “one of 4 special scavenger hunt edition vehicles!” But it’s difficult to find information on this series, so I’m not sure how hard-to-find they really are. While the paint and deco are the same, the Thailand-made Mystery Model has a shiny chrome base, while this Malaysian-made Mission Madness version – which I found at a Dillons store –  has a dark chrome base.

img_5481img_5484BFV69 | 2014 Mission Madness #03/04 Kroger Exclusive | ’66 Chevy Nova | metalflake purple with white & orange trim | chrome/black PR5

The other castings in the Mission Madness series are Bone Shaker, ’06 Dodge Viper SRT10 and Triumph TR6.

2014 Hot Wheels Mystery Models ’66 Chevy Nova

I was looking at the South Texas Diecast online collector’s guide the other day and I saw that there was a ’66 Nova in the Hot Wheels Mystery Models. When I looked at the other cars in the offering, I realized the Nova was a unique enough shape that it might be fairly easy to find it just by feeling the shapes through the foil packages. When I told my son what I was thinking, he was intrigued with the idea. So a couple of evenings ago, we were at a Walmart and came across a tray full of Mystery Models. We felt through the whole bunch and settled on one that we were pretty sure was the Nova. I was surprised that my son waited until we got all the way home to open the package, but, sure enough, we got our Nova.

img_4919 img_4920BDL15 | 2014 Hot Wheels Mystery Models #08/12 | ’66 Chevy Nova | metalflake purple with white & orange trim | black PR5

Each Mystery Model comes with a nice full-color sticker.


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