1885 Smash Hit and Other Crack Ups

The Hot Wheels Crack Ups made their debut in 1985. Each model has a spring-loaded panel that, when crashed, will flip around to show its damaged side. There are several different castings of these which are sometimes difficult to identify – mostly since each variation was often given a different name. For example, the Hot Wheels wiki shows 10 different color/tampo variations of this Nissan-like casting with 8 different model names. I was particularly attracted to the paint and tampo combination on this 1985 model called Smash Hit, which I found on eBay.

img_8520 img_8521 img_85221985 | 7821 | Smash Hit (Crack Up) | green with pale green and yellow trim | Hong Kong | blackwalls

I also have a metallic red variation of this casting called Speed Crasher.

Another Crack Up casting is Sport Crasher, also from 1985. I got this one from the Dealer. As is often the case with Crack Ups, this one has been cracked up so many times that it no longer stays in its undamaged form – in fact it appears to be missing a piece.

img_1857 img_18581985 | 7070 | Sport Crasher (Crack Up) | black with orange and purple flames | Malaysia | blackwalls

Bang Up Job is another Crack Up casting from 1985. I also got this fairly clean model from the Dealer.

img_7157 img_7158img_7155img_71561985 | 7582 | Bang Up Job (Crack Up) | red with yellow, white and blue trim | Hong Kong | blackwalls 

I also have a green variation of this casting called Bangster, which is from 1986.

And finally another 1986 Crack Up, Side Grinder, which came from the Dealer and no longer holds its undamaged form.

img_1855 img_18561986 | 2558 | Side Grinder (Crack Up) | black with orange, purple, red trim | Hong Kong | blackwalls