1979 The Incredible Hulk Scene Machines

We had a pretty wet summer, which put a bit of a damper on our garage-saling. One sunny Sunday after a particularly rainy couple of days, I was driving back into the neighborhood after running errands with my wife, son and mother-in-law. We saw a sign advertising a Sunday-only sale and decided to check it out. It was a huge sale, and the nice woman explained to us how she had been thwarted by the rainy weather of the previous few days. There was a table with a few Hot Wheels, and though most of them were uninteresting, there was one that caught my eye. Even my son recognized that it was one of the Scene Machines and both of us began whispering excitedly. The Incredible Hulk was one of the few 1979 Hot Wheels that I had yet to find at a reasonable price.

Meanwhile, my wife had found some books and my mother-in-law had picked out a bunch of clothes. I handed the car to my son, who set it on the table while the nice woman was totaling up our purchase. She glanced at him and said, “Oh, we’ll just throw that in.”

img_9374 img_93751979 | 2850 | The Incredible Hulk (Scene Machines) | white with green, red & black trim | HK | blackwalls

The Scene Machines have a lens in the back of the vehicle which allows you to hold it up to the light and peer inside. In this case, the Hulk seems to be causing some commotion in the back of the van. These scenes are a little tricky to photograph, but the following image gives you some idea of the effect.


Other Scene Machines that I have in my collection include Spider-Man, Motocross Team, S.W.A.T. Van and Space Van.



The Corgi brand was created in 1956 by the Mettoy Company of Northhampton, UK, which had been making pressed steel toys since the 1930s. From the beginning, Corgi toys were different than their competition in that they had windows. Later innovations included spring suspension, opening hoods (bonnets) and trunks (boots), and jeweled headlights. After almost a 30-year run, the company went into liquidation and was reformed as Corgi Toys Limited in 1984. In 1989, the Corgi brand was sold to Mattel and in 1995 it was sold again in a management buyout. These days, the company is called Corgi International Limited and is owned by Hornby.

There were a few nice Corgis in the box of cars I got from RR and they all appear to date from before the Mattel era.

img_8140 img_81411970-1972 | Aston Martin DB6 | yellow | black plastic base | made in Great Britain

img_8137 img_8138img_8139Ford 1979 Mustang Cobra | white | black plastic base | made in Great Britain

I rarely come across Corgis in my car hunting, but interestingly, I now have three of the Super Heroes series, including the Joker, Supermobile and this sharp Shazam!

img_8142 img_81431979 | Shazam | yellow with Shazam stickers | metal base | made in Great Britain

img_8134 img_81351980 | Ford Thunderbird | cream | opening hood, chrome plastic base | made in Great Britain

img_8131 img_8132Corgi Juniors | Land Rover 109 wrecker truck | red with Wrecker Truck stickers | black plastic base | made in Great Britain

These two versions of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang are both missing their plastic wings and figures, but they provide an opportunity to show the difference in wheel variations. The first version has rubber tires which fit the model well.

img_9230 img_9231 img_92321970 | Chitty Chitty Bang Bang | Silver, red and black | missing wings and figures, metal base | rubber tires | made in Great Britain

This second version – a Corgi Junior – has Whiz Wheels, which were introduced in 1969 as a response to the popular and free-rolling Hot Wheels.

img_9234img_9235img_92331970 | Corgi Juniors | Chitty Chitty Bang Bang | Silver, red and black | missing wings and figures, metal base | Whiz Wheels | made in Great Britain

Here’s an old ad image of the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in all its glory. Incidentally, the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is currently in the running for ‘The Ultimate Corgi Top 10’.


img_8147 img_81481984 | Mercedes Benz 240D | red | black plastic base | made in Great Britain

Flea Market Matchbox Finds

These nice late 1970s Matchbox models were part of my recent banner day at the Village Flea Market. At 25 cents apiece, I was happy to take each of these home with me – especially with all of the plastic parts intact and functioning properly.

IMG_8109IMG_8110IMG_81111976 | 29 | Tractor Shovel | dark yellow with red plastic shovel, chrome hubs, black motor, no markings | made in England

This Snorkel Fire Engine seems familiar to me. I think one of my childhood buddies might have had one of these.

IMG_8234IMG_8101IMG_81031977 | 13 | Snorkel Fire Engine (closed cab) | red with blue windows, yellow plastic boom & bucket, unpainted base | made in England

This Sambron Jacklift reminds me of the Fork Lift from my childhood.

IMG_8105IMG_8106IMG_81081977 | 48 | Sambron Jacklift | yellow no markings, black base, silver hubs | made in England

I already had the yellow Diesel Shunter, but this one is in much better shape. The Shunter was originally released in 1978 with metallic green paint.

IMG_8112IMG_81131979 | 24 | Diesel Shunter Locomotive | yellow w/red metal undercarriage, red base | made in England

Late 70s Star Wars Action Figures

When my son was younger, he was all about Star Wars. He watched the movies repeatedly, amassed a huge pile of action figures, several board games and a few costumes. Then, for whatever reason, he moved on. The last time I brought my old Star Wars action figures up out of the basement, he was barely interested.

But with the recent release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, his interest in the franchise has been reawakened. His latest obsession is an iPad game in which he is collecting and trading Star Wars cards online. (Who remembers when trading cards were a tangible thing?) So when I heard him say his favorite character was Greedo, I reminded him that I have one of the original Greedo action figures.

After that, it was all I heard about from him – “Dad, can we go look for Greedo?” – until I went down into the cold basement, pulled out my boxes of old toys, and dug through them to find my Star Wars action figures.

IMG_7496Luke Skywalker

In those days, they had an interesting design for the lightsabers, which could be extended by pushing them up through the character’s arm.


Kenner was the toy company that had been licensed to produce toys for Star Wars, which hit theaters on Memorial Day weekend in 1977. Interestingly, Kenner didn’t even have the toys on the shelves until 1978.

IMG_7499Sand People (Tusken Raider)

IMG_7500Death Squad Commander

My Boba Fett was a mail-order figure. I remember it was advertised that his jet pack would fire a rocket, but by the time mine came in the mail, they had decided the firing rocket was a hazard and it was molded permanently into the jet pack. I understand the few that made it to market with the working rocket are fairly valuable.

IMG_7501Boba Fett IMG_7502

These first Star Wars figures are arguably the first modern action figures. By making the figures about 3 3/4″, Kenner was able to also produce ships and playsets to scale.

IMG_7517C-3POIMG_7503Princess Leia

And here’s Greedo.


Although I have a nice Star Wars tin that I had offered my son to store the figures, he commented that the box I had them stored in was “cool”. I had to explain to him what a cassette tape was.IMG_7506


1998 Hot Wheels 30th Anniversary Replicas

I haven’t had much luck at garage sales this summer, though I’ve been to quite a few. Instead, I’ve been scoring my finds at resale shops. I found these Hot Wheels 30th Anniversary replicas at one of those stores that specializes in pre-owned children’s clothing and toys. The outer boxes are a little beat up, but the unopened blister packs inside are in good shape.

In 1998, celebrating 30 years of production, Mattel created these replicas of the cars in their original packages which were said to “represent  collectors’ favorite models” – one from each year of Hot Wheels history. Below you can find a scan of the back of the outer box, which lists each casting that was chosen to represent each year.

Prior to 1998, Sweet 16 had only been released once – in 1973. Finding an original in mint condition can set you back a few hundred dollars. This retool, of course, is worth considerably less, but still a fun find.

18862 | 1998 30th Anniversary | Sweet 16 (1973) | red | redlines

Large Charge is nowhere near as rare. After its first release in 1975, it was produced in more than 30 variations (sometimes called Silver Bullet or Aeroflash) up until as recently as 2011.

18864 | 1998 30th Anniversary | Large Charge (1975) | green | redlines

Auburn 852 is another popular casting which first appeared in 1979. I have one of the original first casting, as well as a few other variations.

18868 | 1998 30th Anniversary | Auburn 852 (1979) | red | blackwalls



Late 1970s Gold Chrome Rodger Dodger

One of the complications of collecting “loose” Hot Wheels is that occasionally you find one that you can’t put a date on. The gold chrome Rodger Dodger is a case in point. This casting, based on a 1973 Dodge Charger SE, was first released in 1974. For the 1977 Flying Colors series, it was painted gold chrome and  given magenta, white and red tampo. The gold chrome version came out again in 1978 as a Drag Stripper and again in 1979. All three gold chrome variations have identical tampo, were made in Hong Kong, have blue tinted windows and chrome bases. Now, if this car had redlines, then it would be from 1977. But some 1977 versions made the transition to blackwalls, and both of the subsequent years wore them as well. So without the original package, there’s no way to definitively know in which year it was produced.

I bought this one on eBay to go with my growing gold chrome subcategory. I also have a similar but later casting called Dixie Challenger.

1977/8/9? | 8259 | Rodger Dodger | gold chrome with magenta, red and white trim | Hong Kong | blackwalls

1979 Hot Wheels

This page lists all of the 1979 Hot Wheels, with a photo of each one that I have in my collection. The name of each car that I have links to a page with more information and photos. As I acquire the remaining cars in the list, I will add photos and links to this page.


IMG_02361979 | 2500 | Upfront 924 | yellow with red orange & black trim | HK | bs

IMG_84831979 | 2501 | Royal Flash | white with red and blue Union flag trim | HK | bs

IMG_03081979 | 2502 | Greased Gremlin | red with blue, white, yellow trim | MY | bs

IMG_84771979 | 2503 | Spacer Racer | red w/yellow, white, black trim | HK | bs

IMG_45101979 | 2504 | Hare Splitter | white with red, purple & black trim | HK | bs

IMG_03151979 | 2505 | Auburn 852 | red with dk brown plastic fenders | HK | bs

IMG_02311979 | 2506 | Flat Out 442 | orange w/red, blue, white trim | HK | bs

IMG_02331979 | 2507 | Dumpin’ A | yellow w/orange dumper, brown fenders | HK | bs

IMG_03111979 | 2508 | Vetty Funny | gray w/ black, red and yellow trim (no rivet?) | HK | bs

IMG_03061979 | 2509 | Bywayman | lt. blue w/ white, black and yellow trim, black bed | HK | bs

IMG_0524A 1979 | 2510 | Inside Story | gray, black plastic base, blue, red & yellow trim | HK | bs

IMG_82151979 | 2511 | Bubble Gunner | magenta with yellow, orange, white stripes w/stars | HK | bs

IMG_69761979 | 2877 | Spider-Man | black, raised bar on base, red & white trim | HK | bs

IMG_14631979 | 2878 | The Incredible Hulk (Spoiler Sport) | yellow, two small rear windows | HK | bs

IMG_84731979 | 2879 | Captain America | white, red and blue trim, red interior | HK | bs

IMG_69741979 | 2880 | Thor | yellow | HK | bs

IMG_84701979 | 2881 | Human Torch | black with yellow and red trim | HK | bs

IMG_13501979 | 2882 | The Thing | dark blue with black, white and orange trim | HK | bs

img_93741979 | 2850 | Incredible Hulk Truck (Scene Machines) | white with black, blue & red trim | HK | bs

1979 | 2851 | Captain America Van (Scene Machines) | white with green, black & red trim | HK | bs

IMG_84751979 | 2852 | Spider-Man (Scene Machines) | white w/blue, red & black trim | HK | bs

IMG_84641979 | 2853 | Motocross Team (Scene Machines) | red w/yellow, black & white trim | HK | bs

IMG_13461979 | 2854 | S.W.A.T. Van (Scene Machines) | dark enamel blue with white & orange trim | HK | bs

IMG_14611979 | 2855 | Space Van (Scene Machines) | gray with white plastic top | HK | bs


IMG_30221979 | 2012 | Jaguar XJS | gold chrome with red & black trim | HK | bs

IMG_30191979 | 2014 | Hot Bird | gold chrome with orange & blue trim | HK | bs

IMG_30201979 | 2021 | Race Bait 308 | gold chrome with white & black trim | HK | bs

IMG_05731979 | 9241 | Corvette Stingray | gold chrome with black, orange and white trim | HK | bs

IMG_30241979 | 9639 | Z-Whiz | gold chrome with orange, white & blue trim | HK | bs

IMG_14651979 | 9641 | Spoiler Sport | gold chrome with black, red, orange trim, two small rear windows | HK | bs


IMG_70871979 | 2639 | Fire Chaser | red with black, yellow & white trim | HK | bs

1979 | 7647 | Torino Stocker | black with yellow, white & orange trim | HK | bs

1979 | 7660 | Monte Carlo Stocker | dark blue with yellow, white & green trim | HK | bs

1979 | 7660 | Monte Carlo Stocker | dark blue with yellow, white & green trim, Chevrolet on sides | HK | bs

1979 | 8272 | Large Charge | orange with maroon, purple & white trim | HK | bs

IMG_54521979 | 9205 | California Cruisin’ (Super Van) | chrome metalflake with orange, yellow & black trim | MY | bs

1979 | 9241 | Corvette Stingray | yellow with black, orange, yellow & white trim | MY | bs

IMG_84791979 | 9643 | Letter Getter | white, black plastic base, red & blue trim | HK | bs

IMG_71661979 | 9645 | GMC Motorhome | orange with blue, white & yellow trim, chrome plastic base | HK | bs

1979 | 9646 | Show Hoss II | light green with black, blue & white trim | HK | bs

1979 | 9646 | Show Hoss II | yellow with dark red, black & white trim | HK | bs

IMG_71701979 | 9647 | ’56 Hi-Tail Hauler | light blue with yellow & red trim, yellow motorcycles | HK | bs

1979 | 9647 | ’56 Hi-Tail Hauler | light blue with yellow & red trim, black motorcycles | HK | bs

1979 | 9648 | T-Totaller | brown with orange, blue & white trim | HK | bs