1985 Hot Wheels Super Cannon and Flea Market Finds

While making a run through the Wichita Community Market last month, I came across a shelf full of cars. Normally I would have passed on some of these, but the man at the booth was determined to make me a deal on the entire lot. We settled on $12 and he was even nice enough to find me some newspaper to wrap them in.

The cleanest of the bunch, with all of its plastic parts intact, is this Hot Wheels Super Cannon. The casting first appeared in 1982 as Megadestroyer 1 and Megadestroyer 2 – merchandising for the movie Megaforce. This model is the first variation of Super Cannon from 1985, with 5 variations to follow. In 1996 it became Enforcer, which is still going strong and can be found in about two dozen more variations.

With its black blackwalls, it makes a nice companion for my 1985 Hot Wheels Tank Gunner.

Hot Wheels | 1985 | 9373 | Super Cannon | olive with light green, brown and tan camouflage | MY | black bs

Earlier this year, I landed a Hot Wheels Malibu Gran Prix on eBay. This one is the identical version from 1982, except that it is even more playworn and was cast in Malaysia rather than Hong Kong.

Hot Wheels | 1982 | 9037 | Malibu Gran Prix | black with red, yellow and blue trim | MY | BW

Someday I’d like to have a nice example of an early blackwall Hot Wheels CAT Forklift in my collection, but this is not it. Although it is the 1981 variation with Cv80 cast into the sides, it is missing both its yellow plastic forks as well as the black plastic roll cage.

The only other Hot Wheels forklift I have in my collection is the Marcus Construction version from 2000 – though I do have a nice Matchbox forklift from my childhood collection.

Hot Wheels | 1981 Hot Wheels Workhorses | 1168 | CAT Forklift | yellow, no tampo, Cv80 in casting, missing plastic cage and forks | MY | bs

Another Hot Wheels casting I’m familiar with is the Rig Wrecker. I have a fun but playworn blackwall version from 1983 as well as the airship tug from my excellent 1994 Blimp & Support Team 5-Pack.

This particular 7-spoke Rig Wrecker is from the 1997 Hot Wheels Auto City 5-Pack, which would have included a Fire Eater, Sheriff Patrol, Mazda MX-5 Miata, and a Peterbilt Dump Truck.

Hot Wheels | 1997 Auto City 5-Pack | 3917 | Rig Wrecker | white with blue, red and yellow tampo, gray plastic tow hook | MY | 7sp

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1968 Hot Wheels Deora Antique Store Find

When I was in Manhattan, Kansas, a few weeks ago, I walked into a little antique shop and found a fun assortment of cars – fairly well worn, but for a good price.

I can’t resist one of the original 16 Hot Wheels redlines, even if it’s been given custom speed stripes and has been partially burned like this Deora from 1968.

1968 Hot Wheels | 6210 | Deora | red, with custom paint | USA | redline

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2013 ’66 Chevy Novas

Way back during Spring Break, my family and I made a road trip down to Dallas for a few days. I didn’t get a chance to do any car shopping in Dallas, but on the drive back I suggested we stop to stretch our legs in Oklahoma City. We found ourselves at the WalMart just off I-35 in Edmond, where I found the ZAMAC ’66 Chevy Nova. More recently, I picked up the light blue version at a WalMart here in town. I grabbed the lime green version very early this year, so this completes the trio of ’66 Novas that have been released so far for 2013.

I think my favorite of these is the ZAMAC version. ZAMAC is an acronym for the words zinc, aluminum, magnesium and copper, the four elements used in the alloy developed by the New Jersey Zinc Company in 1929. This alloy solved the problem of “zinc pest”, which caused early die-cast products to corrode and crumble due to the inclusion of lead impurities. Since the very beginning, Hot Wheels have taken advantage of the ZAMAC shine; the earliest redlines were painted with translucent, bright “Spectraflame” colors which allowed the sparkle of the underlying metal to show through. In 2004, almost half of all the First Edition Hot Wheels were released with the popular clear-coat over metal finish. This year, there are 12 different models with the ZAMAC look, all of them available exclusively at WalMart.

I find it interesting that these Novas have a “502” on the hood. The Chevy 502-cubic-inch engine was a large block V-8 that was offered in various fleet and service vehicles in the late ’80s and early ’90s, but became popular in later years by customizers and hot rodders. The largest engine option available in 1966 for the Nova was a 350hp 327 V-8.

img_0891img_0885X2046 | 2013 HW Showroom | ’66 Chevy Nova | ZAMAC/blk, blue, pink trim | black PR5 white rim

img_1211Ximg_12101996 | 2013 HW Showroom | ’66 Chevy Nova | light blue with black, red, white trim | black PR5 red rim

2013 HW Showroom ’66 Chevy Nova

I’d like to wish everyone a Happy New Year by posting photos of the first 2013 Hot Wheels model that I’ve added to my collection, the HW Showroom ’66 Chevy Nova. It’s similar to the lime green version from the 2012 lineup, with updated decoration.

IMG_0206 IMG_0203

2013 HW Showroom | ’66 Chevy Nova | lime green with black, orange and silver trim | Chrome rim black PR5

2012 Hot Wheels Muscle Mania – GM ’66 Chevy Nova

The Hot Wheels ’66 Chevy Nova is one of my all-time favorite cars and was first released as a Hot Wheels model in 2007. There have been about 20 variations of it since. This lime green version, which I found at Walmart the other day, was one of 3 different colors issued for the Muscle Mania – GM series in 2012.

IMG_8537IMG_85362012 Muscle Mania – GM ‘12 | ’66 Chevy Nova | lime green with black, white and green trim | chrome rim black PR5

Hot Wheels Racing ’59 Chevy Impala Stock Car

You gotta love the look of the old-school stock cars and this Hot Wheels Racing series really captures the spirit, with a nice level of detail and some great models. In addition to the ’59 Chevy Impala, I couldn’t resist the bright-colored ’66 Chevelle.

IMG_8295 IMG_82922012 Hot Wheels Racing Stock Car | ’59 Chevy Impala | white and red 259 | Real Riders wheels

IMG_8294IMG_82932012 Hot Wheels Racing Stock Car | ’66 Chevelle | blue and yellow 266 | Real Riders wheels