Greenlight 2017 Hot Pursuit Indiana State Police 1967 Chevrolet Impala

Sometimes, after I’ve scoured all of the Targets and Walmarts in town, I remember that Hobby Lobby has a small diecast car section. And sometimes I’m even willing to wait in the long lines of crafters at the check-out to make a purchase.

I enjoy the Greenlight Hot Pursuit series and have several already, including the Glendale Police ’67 Biscayne from series 18. I like the look of this stripped-down Indiana State Police ’67 Impala cruiser with its stock wheels, simple door badge and the single cherry on the roof.

2017 Greenlight Hot Pursuit | Series 23 | 1967 Chevrolet Impala | white with Indiana State Police trim


New Year’s Inventory

Someone asked me recently how many cars I had in my collection. The best guess I could come up with was “in the hundreds” but I wasn’t really sure. So I decided to spend part of New Year’s Day counting everything up. I keep updated lists, so it was mostly just a matter of counting and totaling the numbers. Or so I thought, until I realized how many items were not on my supposedly updated lists. After a few more days of inventorying, I came up with a total of 951 items.

I generally think of my collection as having three categories: Vintage, Novas and Impalas. But occasionally I can’t resist something that doesn’t really fit into any of these. I counted multi-car packs as single items and I did not include several buckets of cars that I have acquired over the years that I have deemed not worthy of my collection. These are the cars that my son and I use whenever we break out the Hot Wheels tracks.


397 Vintage
In my collection, “vintage” is very loosely defined. These 395 items include my childhood collection and a bunch of almost entirely loose cars with a focus on blackwall-era Hot Wheels. The oldest items would be a few late-1950s Lesney-era Matchbox cars, and I cheat the “blackwall era” with a few cars into the early 1990s.

I have 45 cars that I’ve managed to hold onto from my childhood. They include 18 Matchbox, 9 Hot Wheels, 7 Tomica Pocket Cars, 6 Husky, 4 Playart and a single Majorette.

The remaining 350 Vintage cars break down as follows:

Hot Wheels – 219
Matchbox – 53
Corgi – 14
Zylmex – 11
Yatming – 9
Racing Champions – 8
Majorette – 7
Road Champs – 4
Ertl – 4
Tomica – 4
Siku – 2
Summer – 2
Barclay – 1
Husky – 1
Kidco – 1
Playart – 1
Pit Row – 1
Tin Toys – 1
Unknown – 9


262 Impalas
When I first started picking up Impalas, I would take them out of the package and display them on a bookcase I had in my bachelor pad. Series like Jada’s Homie Rollerz and the Revell Lowrider Magazine cars encouraged me to start keeping them in the packages. Since Hot Wheels rolled out the ’59 Chevy Impala in 1997, there has been a steady stream of new Impala castings and variations, which puts the brand at the top of this list with 85 items.

Hot Wheels – 85
Johnny Lightning – 59
Revell – 22
Jada – 21
M2 Machines – 15
Greenlight – 14
Maisto – 11
Ertl – 6
Racing Champions – 6
Malibu International – 5
Motor Max – 4
Muscle Machines – 3
Auto World – 3
Disney – 3
Classic Metal Works – 1
Craft House – 1
Geospace – 1
Route 66 – 1
Unknown – 1


188 Novas
The 2004 release of the Hot Wheels 1968 Nova was an exciting moment for me as a collector. Hot Wheels now has a variety of Nova castings going back to the first-generation body style, so the brand is at the top of my Nova list with 85 items.

Hot Wheels – 85
Johnny Lightning – 38
M2 Machines – 27
Maisto – 10
Muscle Machines – 9
Jada – 7
Ertl – 5
Racing Champions – 3
Playing Mantis – 2
GMP – 1
Universal Hobbies – 1


104 Miscellaneous
The 90 items here include 10 Hot Wheels 30th Anniversary models from 1998, lots of Batmobiles, NASA-themed items including 3 Hot Wheels Action Packs, some 2005-2006 Hot Wheels Classics and a bunch of other odds and ends.

Hot Wheels – 78
Johnny Lightning – 5
Jada – 4
Matchbox – 4
Lledo – 2
Quartzo – 2
Revell – 2
Bauer – 1
Hormel Promo – 1
Maisto – 1
Upper Deck Collectibles – 1
Unknown – 2

My Collection by Brand
My collection is made up of at least 41 different brands. Being well-represented in all of my categories, the Hot Wheels brand dominates with 476 items. Johnny Lightning comes in second with 102, mostly due to the many Nova and Impala releases during the RC2 era. It’s interesting to note that Matchbox has never made a Nova and the only Impalas made in recent years are the eight-generation version which I have no interest in, yet the brand takes third place with 75 items in my vintage collection.

Hot Wheels – 476
Johnny Lightning – 102
Matchbox – 75
M2 Machines – 42
Jada – 31
Revell – 24
Maisto – 22
Quartzo – 2
Racing Champions – 18
Greenlight – 14
Corgi – 13
Tomica – 11
Zylmex – 11
Yatming – 9
Husky – 7
Majorette – 7
Ertl – 6
Malibu International – 5
Motor Max – 5
Playart – 5
Road Champs – 4
Disney – 3
Auto World – 3
Lledo – 2
Playing Mantis – 2
Siku – 2
Summer – 2
Barclay – 1
Bauer – 1
Classic Metal Works – 1
Craft House – 1
Geospace – 1
GMP – 1
Hormel Promo – 1
Kidco – 1
Pit Row – 1
Route 66 – 1
Tin Toys – 1
Upper Deck Collectibles – 1
Universal Hobbies – 1
Unknown – 12

2016 Greenlight Hot Pursuit 1967 Chevrolet Police

Remember the days when to look intimidating, a police car only needed a single cherry on top and a badge on the door? Yeah, and it helped if the car happened to be a metallic green ’67 Biscayne. The two other variations of the Greenlight 1967 Chevrolet Police Pursuit already in my collection are the 2013 Louisiana State Police version and the 2014 Wisconsin State Patrol car.
IMG_8224IMG_82252016 | Greenlight Hot Pursuit Series 18 | 1967 Chevrolet (Biscayne) Police Pursuit | metallic green with Glendale, Wisconsin Police trim


For several years, the South Texas Diecast website was my go-to for information on Hot Wheels. The site was home to the most complete online listing of Hot Wheels variations -compiled over 16 years by Diecast Hall of Famer, Robert Graves, Jr. – from the first redlines to the latest releases. In November of 2015, partly to ensure his database would live on, Graves decided to merge the STDC site into hobbyDB.

hobbyDB is more than diecast. The wiki-like site catalogs over 152,000 collectible items in over 30,000 subjects and claims nearly 10,000 users. With detailed descriptions of each item, not only is it a great source of information for the collector, users can also take advantage of the system to keep track of their own collections, create a wishlist, or buy and sell items as well.

Access to this amazing database is “free forever”, but hobbyDB relies on thousands of collectors to help keep the listings up-to-date and accurate. If you are a collector and you are interested in helping out, click this link for more information on becoming a hobbyDB curator.


2014 Greelight Hitch & Tow ’67 Impala and Airstream

As summer draws to an end (already!), I find myself thinking about family vacations from my youth. I’m pretty sure my family camped next to this Impala and Airstream combo one summer many years ago in the Black Hills of South Dakota. My family’s trailer wasn’t a slick Airstream, but our ’66 Pontiac Catalina wagon would’ve given the Impala some stiff competition on the highway.

Somehow I missed this package when it was in the stores last year, so I had to chase this one down on eBay. It has all of the nice detailing typical of Greenlight models and I look forward to seeing what they come up with next in the Hitch & Tow series.
2014 | Greenlight Hitch & Tow Series 1 | 1967 Chevrolet Impala Sport Sedan and Airstream 16′ Bambi | blue

2014 Greenlight Hot Pursuit 1967 Chevrolet Wisconsin State Patrol

I was happy to find another variation of the Greenlight ’67 Biscayne at Toys “R” Us the other day. I don’t specifically collect police vehicles, but I feel I can justify adding this to my Impala collection. I previously posted about my Greenlight Impalas, including the Louisiana State Police version from Series 12, with more information about the Chevrolet Biscayne and the nice details of this casting.

img_5612img_56192014 | Greenlight Collectibles Hot Pursuit Series 14 | 1967 Chevrolet (Biscayne) Police Pursuit | dark blue and white with Wisconsin State Patrol trim

Greenlight Collectibles Chevrolet Impalas

I recently found two Greenlight Chevrolet Impalas at Toys R Us. I’ll use this as an opportunity to show these new acquisitions as well as the other Greenlight Impalas that I already have in my collection.

From 1958 until 1972, Chevrolet offered 3 models in their full-size car line. The Biscayne was the low end, the Bel Air was in the middle, and the Impala was at the high end. Absent most of the interior and exterior trim options of the more expensive models, the Biscayne was produced mostly for the fleet market. It was, however, the availability of optional big-block V8 engines and performance-oriented transmissions that made these cars popular among hot-rodders as well.

So, technically, this 1967 Chevrolet Police Pursuit is not an Impala, but a Biscayne. But, the Louisiana State Police deco applied to this model makes it my favorite of the bunch. A patrol car like this would have been powered by a big-block 396 V8 engine, which had been an available option since 1965.


The B pillar is a painted part of the clear plastic window insert, a nice detail which differentiates it from the Impala hardtop version of this Greenlight ’67 four-door casting.


The Biscayne casting is also slightly modified to show the correct 2 taillights per side, versus three per side on the Impala casting.


2013 | Hot Pursuit Series 12 | 1967 Chevrolet (Biscayne) Police Pursuit | red and white with Louisiana State Police deco

I admit I know nothing about the TV series Supernatural, upon which this next model is based. Based on a little online research, it appears that the car is a fairly faithful representation of the one driven by one of the show’s characters, Dean Winchester, played by Jensen Ackles. Curiously, the Supernatural wiki (yes, there’s a wiki for everything) states that the car bears the Sedgwick County, Kansas license plate KAZ 2Y5. Sure enough, I looked closely at my model to find the license plate is accurately reproduced.


This photo shows the Impala casting’s correct 3 taillights per side as well as the KAZ 2Y5 license plate from the TV show.2013 | Hollywood Series 6 | 1967 Chevrolet Impala Sport Sedan | black

All of the other Greenlight Impalas in my collection appear to be variations of the same 67/68 2-door hardtop casting. Even though I have quite a few of these, the Greenlight Collectors website shows at least 20 variations. By the way, each of these cars appears to have an opening hood, but I haven’t been willing to violate any of the packages to verify that.

img_32432009 | Black Bandit Series 5 | 1967 Chevrolet Impala SS | black

img_32452009 | Barrett-Jackson Auction Block | 1968 Chevy Impala SS | blue

img_32492007 | 1968 Chevy Impala Fastback | Vietnam War

img_32462008 | Muscle Car Garage Hobby Collection | 1968 Chevy Impala | green

img_32422008 | Muscle CarGarage Up In Flames | 1967 Chevy Impala | silver with yellow flames

img_32372006 | Muscle Car Garage Stock and Custom | Custom 1967 Chevy Impala | silver

img_32392006 | Muscle Car Garage Stock and Custom | 1967 Chevy Impala SS 427 | marina blue

img_32402005 | Muscle Car Garage Series 1 | 1968 Chevy Impala SS | tuxedo black

img_32382005 | Muscle Car Garage Series 1 | 1968 Chevy Impala SS | matador red

Here is a link to a good reference site for Greenlight Collectibles.