1988 Hot Wheels 20th Anniversary Ferrari Testarossa

In 1988, celebrating their 20th Anniversary, Hot Wheels released a series of 12 special collector’s edition 3-packs. Each three pack included two mainline models from previous years as well as a chrome- or gold-plated car with the 20th Anniversary logo embedded in the casting.

The Hot Wheels Ferrari Testarossa was first released in 1987 and has been produced in about 38 different variations up to 1998. This nice example of the chrome 1988 20th Anniversary release is another of my Wichita eBay scores.

Other Hot Wheels Ferrari Testarossas in my collection include the 1988 Color Racers version and a very rough red model from the 1988 mainlines.

Hot Wheels | 1988 20th Anniversary 3-Pack | 4592 | Ferrari Testarossa | chrome with 20th Anniversary logo cast in top, red interior, clear windows, chrome metal base | Malaysia | Ultra Hots wheels

Other 20th Anniversary Hot Wheels in my collection include a nice Mercedes 540K, and a rough version of the Firebird Funny Car.


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