1995 Hot Wheels Race Team Dragster

The Hot Wheels Race Team Series made its debut in 1995 and ran through 1998. The livery for 1995 was generally metalflake blue with white, red and yellow tampo – the Hot Wheels flame logo figuring prominently. Four castings made up the 1995 series of individual cars: #1 Lumina Stocker, #2 Hot Wheels 500, #3 Side Splitter, and #4 Dragster. 5-Packs were also available, and that first year they included these four plus either a Sol-Aire CX-4 or a ’57 Chevy.

Dragster was first released in 1994 as Driven to the Max. It was produced in about 30 different variations up to 2008. I landed this 1995 Race Team Series version in my recent Facebook Marketplace score.

The Hot Wheels Dragster features a plastic wing that folds forward to fit inside the blister. When the wing is extended back, Dragster measures nearly 4″ long.

In my collection I also have the #3 car from the 1995 Race Team Series, the Side-Splitter, which I also found mint in the blister.

Hot Wheels | 1995 Race Team | 11847 | Dragster | white with metalflake blue sides, red and yellow trim | MY | bw


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