1988 Hot Wheels Color Racers Path Beater

It can be confusing when Hot Wheels uses different names for the same casting. It gets even more confusing when one of those names is then shared by a completely different casting.

Beach Patrol, based on the first generation Chevy S-10/GMC S-15, was first released in 1983 with plastic surf boards in the bed. In 1986 it was used for Path Beater, and in 1991 it became Surf Patrol. 25 or so variations exist between the three castings. The version of Path Beater I’m showing here is not to be confused with the 1993 Hot Wheels Path Beater, which was actually a re-name of the Bywayman casting.

I found this model from the 1988 Color Racers series in a 25-cent tub at the Wichita Flea Market. As you can see, it’s missing large chunks of its color-changing paint. But I like this casting enough that I couldn’t pass it up for a quarter. On the positive side, the plastic light bar is a little bent, but still intact.

Color Racers were sold in 3-car packs, but I’m not sure the three packs were always the same three cars; the Color Changers page of the Hot Wheels wiki has photos of catalog pages that show the Path Beater in two different 3-pack combinations.

Hot Wheels | 1988 Color Racers | 5607 | Path Beater | yellow to green with red and green trim | MY | bw

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