1983 Hot Wheels Baja Breaker

As my collection grows, I might actually be getting a little more choosy in what I buy. Yesterday at the Wichita Flea Market at the Kansas Star Casino, I found a couple of beat-up French Majorettes and a well-worn Superfast Matchbox at one booth. When the guy didn’t want to negotiate down from his dollar-apiece asking price, I said “no, thank you” and left them behind. On the other hand, at a different booth, I had a good time digging through the 25-cent tub, where I picked up several interesting (but less than pristine) models.

I knew I already had a metalflake orange Hot Wheels Baja Breaker, but even with the worn paint and a torn plastic hood, I couldn’t pass this one up for a quarter. As it turns out, this one is a Hong Kong casting and is in much better shape than my Malaysian-cast example of the 1983 Baja Breaker.

The Hot Wheels Baja Breaker was first released in the 1978 Speedway Specials series. The casting was used again in 1979 as Motocross Team in the Scene Machines series, then appeared in the 1980 Mainline series in green paint. Another fun version came out in 1984 with an A-Team inspired black and red paint scheme.

The original Baja Breaker has a black plastic hood which opens to reveal a detailed engine compartment. In 1989, it was retooled with a closed hood, but has continued to be a popular Hot Wheels casting.

Hot Wheels | 1983 | 4360 | Baja Breaker | metalflake orange with yellow, blue and white tampo, plastic hood opens | HK | bw | $7


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