1977 Hot Wheels Thrill Drivers Torino

When I recently landed the Hot Wheels Highway Patrol (with no 12 on the roof) on eBay, it came in a lot of three cars. The second car was a nice, clean Sheriff Patrol. The third car was in such bad shape that I didn’t pay much attention to it until it came time to identify it and list it in my collection.

As it turns out, if this car were in better shape, it would be worth a whole big chunk of change more than the other two cars put together. The Hot Wheels Torino Stocker was first released in 1975 and can be found in about 18 different variations, including one in my collection from the 1982 Hot Ones. But, this well-worn model is the Thrill Drivers Torino from 1977, which was only available in the Thrill Drivers Corkscrew Race Set. Each track set came with two Torinos, one in white and the other in red. Both color variations were made in either Mexico or – like mine – in Hong Kong.

Hot Wheels | 1977 | 9793 | Thrill Drivers Torino | white with worn blue and red trim | HK | bs

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