If you have old Matchbox models with missing parts, you might check out They offer a pretty large selection of reproduction parts for Matchbox, Corgi, Husky and others. This includes all of the usual parts that go missing, such as tires, canopies, windshields and accessories. They even have a selection of decals. If you’re wanting to do a complete restoration, this is probably the place to start. In my case, I had recently acquired a couple of models with missing parts and I wanted to spruce them up a little, just for display purposes.

My Matchbox King Size Mercury Commuter Police Station Wagon was missing a couple of tires. It bothers me when a car of mine can’t stand up straight, so I bought a couple of their 14.5mm OD x 8mm ID hollow rubber tires and popped them right on. Now it looks great standing proudly next to my other King Size models.

Another recent find, the Matchbox Ford Kennel Truck, was looking pretty rough. sells a replacement canopy as well as the dogs to put in the back. I had to spend a little time carefully trimming the tabs on the canopy, but I got it fitting nicely. The dogs had a lot of flash that needed to be cleaned off, but now they look pretty happy in their tight quarters. Too bad ToyResto doesn’t make a replacement grille.

The parts are inexpensive, shipping is affordable and my order was delivered to my house within a few days. Unfortunately, many of the parts listed on are out of stock. For example, I would love to get a replacement canopy for my Matchbox Mercedes-Benz Lorry, but they are sold out. The homepage proclaims “More Inventory Arriving Soon!” and encourages you to contact the company with a list of parts needed. I did just that, but have yet to receive a reply.


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