Hot Wheels 1998 Jiffy Lube ’65 Impala

This is another one of those cars I’ve had on my want list for awhile. About the same time I was on eBay to buy my Marcus Forklift, I decided to grab a Hot Wheels Jiffy Lube Special Edition ’65 Impala as well. It looks like there are at least 10 different Hot Wheels castings that were given the Jiffy Lube Special Edition treatment between 1998 and 2001. The Jiffy Lube ’65 Impala came out the first year of the casting, in 1998. Though the Jiffy Lube graphics are not my favorite, it has nice pearl white paint and wears a sharp set of Real Rider whitewalls.

23398 | 1998 | Jiffy Lube Special Edition | ’65 Impala | white with red and blue Jiffy Jube graphics | RRww

Of the 35 or so variations of the Hot Wheels ’65 Impala, I have many of them, including the gold beauty that was included in the 2017 HW Flames 5-pack.




    1. Hi Joel, I believe the clambshell protector was put on by the eBay seller. I did some research to find out how these cars were sold – whether they were only sold through Jiffy Lube or if they were sold through the usual retail outlets, but I could not find any information.


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