Hot Wheels 1998 Jiffy Lube ’65 Impala

This is another one of those cars I’ve had on my want list for awhile. About the same time I was on eBay to buy my Marcus Forklift, I decided to grab a Hot Wheels Jiffy Lube Special Edition ’65 Impala as well. It looks like there are at least 10 different Hot Wheels castings that were given the Jiffy Lube Special Edition treatment between 1998 and 2001. The Jiffy Lube ’65 Impala came out the first year of the casting, in 1998. Though the Jiffy Lube graphics are not my favorite, it has nice pearl white paint and wears a sharp set of Real Rider whitewalls.

23398 | 1998 | Jiffy Lube Special Edition | ’65 Impala | white with red and blue Jiffy Jube graphics | RRww

Of the 35 or so variations of the Hot Wheels ’65 Impala, I have many of them, including the gold beauty that was included in the 2017 HW Flames 5-pack.



Hot Wheels 2000 Virtual Collection CAT Forklift

My name is Marc, but my wife and other friends sometimes call me Marcus. So I figured this might be as close as I will ever come to having a Hot Wheels car named after me.

I’ve come across the Hot Wheels Virtual Collection Marcus Construction CAT Forklift twice before, and each time it was missing parts. After finding the most recent one in the 3-dollar box, I decided it was time to go after a complete one on eBay. This card is in pretty good shape and the car inside is obviously mint, but unfortunately the yellowed blister is more distracting in real life than it is in photos.

50652 | 2000 Virtual Collection | CAT Forklift | orange with black plastic cage, blue white and black Marcus Construction | 5SP

In 2000, the Virtual Collection was billed as “The future of Hot Wheels collecting.” There were 35 different castings in the collection, ranging from the Speed-A-Saurus to the 1936 Cord to the Blimp. By finding the secret code inside the package and going to, the car owner could download a 3-D screensaver of their model. Unfortunately for me, I’m not running Windows 95.

The CAT Forklift goes all the way back to the 1980 Hot Wheels Workhorses series. About nine different variations have been made up until 2001. I don’t have any of the other CAT versions, but I do have a couple of nice Matchbox forklifts, one from my childhood and another that I found at the Village Flea Market.

As for Marcus Construction, there is a company by that name in Wilmar, Minnesota, that has been around since 1956. Their history page, however, does not mention that they’ve had a Hot Wheels model made in their honor.

3-Dollar Box

On a warm September day, I was cruising the neighborhood on my bike when I came across a garage sale. I started looking through a box of cars and right away found some interesting items. Rather than stand in the hot sun and pick through them all, I asked how much for the whole box. $3 was a good price, so I took them home and sorted them out in the comfort of my cool house. (My son was quick to point out that the cars were in a diaper box – something I had neglected to notice in the excitement of the moment.)

I picked out a few keepers and donated the rest to the neighborhood kindergarten for the Teacher’s Treasures box. Word is that the kids went a little crazy over all of the cars. Here are my keepers:

Hot Wheels

The Hot Wheels army half-track first appeared as Gun Bucket in the 1976 Flying Colors series. This black blackwall version is from the 1985 Action Command release as Tank Gunner. The guns are stressed but still intact, and the model is in otherwise good shape.

1985 | 9347 | Action Command | Tank Gunner | olive with brown, green and tan camouflage | MY | black BW | $8

The Hot Wheels Crack-Ups, which debuted in 1985, were a series that had moving parts which, on impact, would change from clean to damaged. Bangster is from 1986 and shows the heavy playwear typical of cars from this series.

1986 | 7582 | Crack-Ups | Bangster | lime green with orange, red and yellow graphics | MY | BW

The success of the Crack-Ups inspired Flip Outs in 1986. These cars were fitted with a mechanism on the base that would cause the car to flip over on impact. Some had a side-hit flipper and others, like this Nissan 2000SX called Flippin’ Frenzy, had a rear-hit flipper, pictured below.

1986 | Flip Outs | Flippin’ Frenzy | yellow with purple, red and white graphics | HK | BW

The Hot Wheels ’65 Mustang Convertible with an opening hood first appeared in 1984. This flourescent-colored variation from 1990 – missing the windshield – has been shipped to my friend, Hannah, who collects the Ford ponies.

1990 | 4980 | Freeway Frenzy Set | ’65 Mustang Convertible | fluorescent orange with blue and white wave graphics, pink interior | MY | blue hub TW | $10

The Hot Wheels Split Window ’63 Corvette was a Hi-Rakers model from its first release in 1980 until 1984. It was retooled in 1987 to give it a standard base, and again in 1995. There are almost as many name changes as there are paint/wheel variations. This black, purple and yellow version is a 1991 McDonald’s promo with a plastic base.

1991 | McDonald’s promo | Split Window ’63 | black with purple and yellow graphics, gray plastic base | MY | bw | $4

The Hot Wheels ’82 Supra first came out in 1983 and has only five variations. This dark red model with blackwalls from 1993 is from a Sto ‘n Go playset.

1996 | 3925 | Sto ‘n Go set | ’82 Supra | dark red | China | bw | $5

I’m stretching my “vintage” collection well into the 90’s with variations of blackwall-era cars already in my collection. The Hot Wheels Bronco 4-Wheeler is a classic originally released in 1981. This red version with striking black and white graphics is from 1998.

1998 | Bronco 4-Wheeler | red with black and white Alaska Trek graphics, white plastic shell, black plastic motorcycle | Thailand | ctd | $2

Aeroflash goes all the way back to 1975, when it was released as Large Charge. It also appeared in 1985 as Silver Bullet, which is the name cast into the metal base of this green, black and red version from 1998.

1998 | 1781 | Aeroflash | green with black and red 3 graphics | MY | 3sp


This well-loved, metallic red sedan is the first release of the Matchbox Jaguar XJ-6 which appeared from 1987 through 1989. It’s a fairly heavy car with nice opening doors.

1987 | #41 | Jaguar XJ6 | metallic red, opening doors | 8-dot rims | made in Macau | $1

The Matchbox Ford Escort Cabriolet is a fun model that first came along in 1985. This particular version is from the Laser Wheels series of the late 80s.

1989 | Ford Escort Cabriolet | metallic blue with white stripes and red 3 | laser wheels | made in Macau | $4

There are over 150 variations of the Matchbox 1921 Ford Model T Van. Unfortunately, this spooky model from the 2005 Haunted Castle 5-pack is missing a front wheel.

2005 | Haunted Castle 5-pack | 1921 Ford Model T Van | dark blue with black roof, WOOA vampire graphics | black wood 12-spoke | made in China



This 1:43 scale Yatming Chevrolet Pick-up features a pull-back motor and opening doors. I shipped this one off to my friend Brad, who collects Jeeps, pick-ups and off-road vehicles.

No. 8317 Chevrolet Pick-up | red with gold, white and black “Chevy Sports Off-Roader” graphics, opening doors, pull-back motor | 1:43 | Made in Thailand


Finally, I’ve always loved the WWII-era F4U Corsair, so I kept this 1:130 scale fighter, which was made by Zylmex and sold under the Runway24 brand.

Zylmex | Runway24 | RW150 USMC F4U Corsair USN | 1:130