2017 Hot Wheels Target Red ’68 Chevy Nova

When I saw a preview of the Target exclusive Red Edition series awhile back, I thought it was a genius idea. The series includes castings like the much-loved ’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser, the ’64 Lincoln Continental, and the ’77 Pontiac Firebird, all decked-out in mostly red paint jobs. The series must be very popular with hunters, because I have rarely found them in the stores.

Fortunately, though, I did find my ’68 Chevy Nova. The tampo on this Red Edition is a variation of the HW Flames ’68 Nova from earlier this year. As much as I like that one, this red-flames-on-white model is even sharper – especially with the black chrome, red-ringed MC5s.

FBJ14 | 2017 Target Red Edition 8/12 | ’68 Chevy Nova | white with red trim | black chrome red ring MC5 | Alternate tool (no hood scoop)



    1. I don’t really understand taking more than one of what you want. I suppose if you did a lot of trading that would make sense. I just take one and leave the rest for someone else. Although I’m usually lucky if I find even one of what I’m after – because the pegs have already been swept clean.


  1. […] When I found this 9-Pack at a Target in San Antonio during our Christmas trip there, I thought they must be sneaking cars from the Red Edition series into these multipacks. Since then, I’ve been assured by those who know better that this is not a Red Edition car and it is also not exclusive to Target. Well, I like to think this exclusive red on white decoration is at least inspired by the Red Edition series. (Compare it to the Red Edition ’68 Nova.) […]


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