2017 Chevrolet SS Multipack Exclusives

Sometimes you have to buy a whole bunch of cars in order to get the one you really want. That’s how it is with the exclusive variations that Hot Wheels puts in their multipacks. Buying a five-pack to get a single car is one thing. But these 9-packs are even more of commitment.

I’ve been enamored with the Hot Wheels Chevrolet SS since it first came out in 2012, and I’ve been collecting variations ever since. So I really had to take the plunge when, not just one, but two unique variations were released this year in multipacks.

I really like the orange-with-black on this first one.

X6999 | 2017 Multipack Exclusive | Chevrolet SS (Opala) | orange with black trim | 5SP

But the yellow rims on this metallic green and yellow variation makes it even more striking.

X6999 | 2017 Multipack Exclusive | Chevrolet SS (Opala) | metallic green with yellow and black trim | MC5 yellow rim

This yellow variation is the multi-pack exclusive from 2016.

2016 Multipack Exclusive | Chevrolet SS (Opala) | yellow with black, silver and wine trim | 5SP

You can see the first-release Chevrolet SS as well as others from my collection here, here, and here.

My solution for what to do with the other cars in the multipack? I filled in the empty spots with random loose cars and resold them at my wife’s garage sale.

Don’t worry, I did keep the orange, flamed-out Nova that was in this multipack, even though I already have it in a single blister. You can never have too many Novas.



  1. I love that casting, too. Though, I wouldn’t go as far as to buy a 9 pack just for one. I have two variants a dark blue one like the one you passed up in the dump bin) and a dark red one with yellow stripe, SS decals, “Gasket” logo. I might have been tempted by the second 9 pack not just for the SS but also the blue ’70 Toyota Celica….I like the old seventies Japanese sports cars.


      1. I have a couple of Celicas in yellow and red, as we are moving I’m trying to cut down my collection. I think I might be more specialised but not sure in what direction. I won’t be getting rid of the sixties and seventies Matchbox and Corgi. But other areas might be pared down.

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