Majorette cars were first produced in France in 1964 by the Rail-Route company, which began in 1961 as a manufacturer of model railways. By 1967 the company was known as Majorette and it quickly became France’s largest model car manufacturer by revenue. In 1980, Majorette acquired Solido, the famous manufacturer of collectible models, and Majorette USA was established in 1982. In 1987, production was moved to Thailand and financial troubles in the 1990s caused a series of takeovers and a retreat from the U.S. market. The Majorette brand survives today as part of the Simba-Dickie Toy Group, with production split between China and Thailand.

I only had one Majorette as a kid, the Dodge Camper. But the box of cars I got from RR contained several nice Majorettes, which, like my Dodge Camper, are all the French-made, metal-based models.

Of all the cars from the RR collection, this Citroen Dyane Raid is probably my favorite. I love all of the details and decoration on the car. I also like that it’s still sealed in its original package, though the card and blister are both creased and worn.

img_7955 img_7956Citroen Dyane Raid | white with groovy trim | Series 200 | metal base | made in France | pre 1978 blister card

This nice Citroen Ambulance still has intact plastic flags and the plastic opening rear door.

img_8154 img_8155 img_8156#206 Citroen DS 21 Ambulance | white with red and blue trim | Series 200 | metal base | made in France | 1974-1980

img_8149 img_8150 img_8151#218/210 Peugeot 205 GTI | red with black trim | Series 200 | metal base | made in France | 1985

This Lamborghini Countach from 1983 is still in its blister tray. When I realized the reusable package had been opened, I took the car out and re-photographed it.

img_7948 img_7949img_9418img_9419#237 Lamborghini Countach | black with red and orange trim | Series 200 | metal base | made in France | blister tray | 1983

img_8144 img_8145 img_8146#240 Simca 1308 | royal blue | Series 200 | metal base | made in France |  1977

img_8152 img_8153#264 Renault Alpine A 310 | white with “SOS” trim | Series 200 | metal base | made in France | 1979


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