2017 HW Flames and 2016 Muscle Mania ’63 Chevy II

A guy down the street from me owns a ’63 Chevy II and I always enjoy seeing and hearing it rumble down the street when he takes it for a spin. Fortunately, Hot Wheels decided to include the ’63 Chevy II in the HW Flames series. I’m not sure my neighbor – whose car is black –  would approve of this pink, yellow and orange paint scheme, but I think it looks pretty sweet. The Super Treasure Hunt version has 5-spoke mags, Real Rider tires and Spectraflame Magenta paint.

img_9194 img_9217DTX85 | 2017 HW Flames 7/10 | ’63 Chevy II | metalflake pink with yellow & orange flames | chrome MC5

I’ve also recently found the metalflake dark red variation of the 2016 Muscle Mania Chevy II, which first appeared in dark blue paint.

img_9195img_9216DHX39 | 2016 Muscle Mania 8/10 | ’63 Chevy II | metalflake dark red with white trim | 5SP

When we were visiting my wife’s family in Canada back in July, I picked up another blue one for the packaging variation. The front of the package has slight differences from the U.S. version and the back has to make room for four different languages. Also, you may notice my wife’s home town of Mississuga, Ontario appears in bold down in the fine print.

img_9181img_9190DHP13 | 2016 Muscle Mania 8/10 | ’63 Chevy II | dark blue with white trim | 5SP | Canadian packaging

This photo compares the U.S. package (top) with the Canadian version (bottom).




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