1980 Peterbilt Cement Mixer and 1977 Paramedic

Here are the two blackwall-era Hot Wheels that I found in my recent score at the Village Flea Market. They were sitting on a table with a bunch of old, loose Matchbox cars for 25 cents apiece.

This Hong Kong made Peterbilt Cement Mixer is from the model’s first release in 1980 as part of the Workhorses series. The 1985 release is identical, except that it was made in Malaysia. To date, these are the only two appearances of the Cement Mixer, though the Peterbilt cab and base was also used for the Tank Truck (1981) and Dump Truck (1983). Then, of course, there is the hard-to-find Great American Truck Race set (1980) that included the Peterbilt cab and a Kenworth (Hiway Hauler) cab.

IMG_8232IMG_8231IMG_82331980 | 1169 | Peterbilt Cement Mixer | red with white & gray plastic mixer, non-recessed exhaust stacks | Hong Kong | blackwalls

The Hot Wheels Paramedic is the 1975 Super Van casting with ambulance decoration. The ’75 Paramedic had white paint and redlines. I already have one of these yellow blackwall variations from 1977 (that year it could also be found with redlines), but this one is in better condition.

IMG_8098IMG_80991977 | 7661 | Paramedic | yellow with red & white trim, metal base |Hong Kong | blackwalls



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