Lesney Matchbox Major Pack 7

In the box of cars I acquired from RR, I found this lonely Lesney Matchbox trailer. I knew right away I had to find a mate for it, after all, how much fun is a trailer without something to tow it behind?

IMG_8117 IMG_8118

A little research told me what I needed to find, and eBay offered a few possibilities. I settled on this cab from a lot of 3. The gray plastic wheels match the trailer, the well-worn condition fits with most of my other Lesney-era toys, and I really like the other two models in the lot (which you will see in a future post).

IMG_8119 IMG_8120

The Major Pack #7 first came out in 1960 with the Thames Trader cab towing the Jennings Cattle Truck. There are some variations in the trailer casting and the color of the plastic ramp (missing from mine) and some versions have black plastic wheels. Personally I think my reunited pair is greater than the sum of its parts.

IMG_8121 IMG_81221960 | Major Pack M7 | #7 Thames Trader cab & Jennings Cattle Truck | red cab with tan trailer | gray wheels


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