2016 HW Art Cars ’65 Chevy Impala

On top of each of the elaborately-decorated 2016 Hot Wheels Art Cars, you will find a letter of the alphabet. If you collect all of the cars in the series, you can line them up side-by-side to spell a secret message. I was thinking the message was “HW Art Cars” but with 10 cars in the series, that doesn’t work out quite right. Well, I don’t plan to collect all 10 cars so I may never know what it spells, but I do like the intricate Maori tattoo-like pattern on this ’65 Chevy Impala.

IMG_8223IMG_8226DHR84 | 2016 HW Art Cars | ’65 Chevy Impala | white with black trim | gold chrome and black OH5

Update: I also picked up the red version. I recently read in the Hot Wheels Newsletter that there is a hard to spot wheel variation: “Both have pr5 wheels the common version is all chrome rainbow wheels and the short run has a rainbow lip.” I think mine is the rainbow lip.

img_9198 img_9215DHX64 | 2016 HW Art Cars | ’65 Chevy Impala | red with black trim | chrome and black PR5 (rainbow lip?)

I have a number of Hot Wheels ’65 Impalas in my collection, some of which you can see here, here and here.



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