One Man’s Junk …

My artist friend, Randy Regier, is moving to Kansas City. Randy’s meticulously crafted sculptures are toys inspired by the expectations of his youth. For this reason, his studio is a storehouse of old stuff – toys, books, advertising materials and mid-century appliances – to use as inspiration or materials for his work. So when Randy invited a few of us to come over and pick through a few boxes of things that he elected not to take with him on the move, I jumped at the chance.

Among other odds and ends, I brought home a box of old children’s textbooks, some vintage slot cars, and a box of mostly loose diecast cars. The diecast cars included some nice Majorette and Corgi models (that I will show in future posts) and an assortment of “off-brand” models. A few of these are unidentifiable brands. I don’t go out of my way to collect these kinds of cars, but you have to admit, some of these have a certain charm.

Even though they spelled Firebird as two words (Fire Bird) and the design on the hood is a little crooked, this is a pretty nice litte casting of the classic Pontiac. It even has opening doors.

IMG_8086 IMG_8087IMG_8251Fire Bird | black | made in Hong Kong

The ’63 Corvette is a beautiful car, but this casting seems a little lumpy.

IMG_8076 IMG_8077’63 Corvette | red | made in Hong Kong

Another lumpy example, this one a ’71 Mustang Fastback.

IMG_8078IMG_8079’71 Mustang Fastback | orange | made in Hong Kong

The photos don’t really show the glittery sheen of the paint on this model, which I think is supposed to be a Ferrari 308.

IMG_8070 IMG_8072Ferrari | silver | made in China

I like the interesting choice of colors and decoration on this Chevy Stepside Pick-up.

IMG_8080 IMG_8081Chevrolet Stepside Pick-up | salmon with Cosmos graphics

The next two are a pair of fun Formula One cars, though I wonder if the paint colors and sponsor decals are historically accurate.

IMG_8092IMG_8093Martini Racing F1 | blue | made in Hong Kong

IMG_8090 IMG_8091Ligier Gitanes F1 | silver | made in Hong Kong

This dump truck (maybe a Hino?) would be fun in the sandbox.

IMG_8229IMG_8083IMG_8230Dump Truck | light blue | made in Hong Kong

And finally, a rather badly proportioned version of KITT, the car from the popular ’80s TV show Knight Rider.

IMG_8088IMG_8089Knight 2000 | black | 1982 Universal Studios | Made in Macao



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