2015 Spider-Man ’64 Chevy Nova Delivery

Hot Wheels has teamed up with Marvel since the Heroes series was released in 1979. The success of all the recent Marvel movies seems to have strengthened that relationship. When this Pop Culture Marvel Comics series came out last year, I barely even saw it in the stores. I was never able to find the Spider-Man ’64 Chevy Nova Delivery on the pegs, so I had to go after it on eBay. This was the first Delivery version of the ’64 Nova Wagon, with the rear windows filled in to allow a nice space for the Spider-Man graphics.

IMG_7796IMG_7798CFP60 | 2015 Pop Culture Marvel Comics | ’64 Chevy Nova Delivery | metallic gold with Spider-Man trim | chrome and goldenrod RLRRLW5SP


Bauer Lada 2106 Russian Police Car

I recently had a chance to make a trade with my fellow collector and blogger, Jim, who lives in Tbilisi, Georgia. I was hoping to get something that I wouldn’t be able to find here in the U.S., and I’d say Jim came through for me in a big way with this Bauer Lada 2106 Russian Police car.

Bauer has been based in Nuremberg since 1961 and has been active in Russia since 1996. I can’t read most of the package and I’m unable to find much information on the Autobahn series. The model is well-made with opening front doors, rubber tires and a plastic base. The vast majority of my cars are in the 1:64 scale range, but I certainly appreciate the amount of detail that 1:43 offers.

The original Lada sedan and station wagon was manufactured by the Russian AvtoVAZ from 1970 until 2012 without a major design change, selling over 20 million units. First sold in the Soviet bloc countries, Lada was exported worldwide in the 1980s and 1990s. The 2106 was an improved version of the 2103, distinguished by a more luxurious interior, larger taillights and quad headlights. It was powered by a 78 hp single overhead cam inline four cylinder and was produced from 1975 until 2005.

IMG_7804IMG_7805IMG_7806Lada 2106 Russian Police | white with blue police trim | made in China | 1:43


2015 Redline ’64 Chevy Nova Station Wagon

I searched a long time for the ’64 Chevy Nova Station Wagon starting when I first saw the Redline series was out in stores. Just when I was starting to think it would elude me, I finally found it at the Super Target across town. Since then, of course, I’ve seen it at the Walgreens just down the street. The Hot Wheels ’64 Nova Wagon first showed up in the 2013 HW Showroom series, then was found in the 2014 HW Workshop offering. There is also a delivery version that has the rear windows filled in.

IMG_7795IMG_7797CFN65 | 2015 Heritage Series – Redline | ’64 Chevy Nova Station Wagon | metallic black with red & gold trim | redlines

Hot Wheels ’58 Impala

The Hot Wheels ’58 Impala made its first appearance in 2007 in the Hot Wheels Classics Series 3. There were 5 color variations, of which I have the Spectraflame Gold and Spectraflame Purple versions. With their white tops, chrome trim and whiteline tires, these are some pretty sharp models.

IMG_7783IMG_7789L0732 | 2007 Hot Wheels Classics Series 3 | ’58 Impala 4/30 | Spectraflame gold with white top | whiteline 5SP

IMG_7784IMG_7788L0732 | 2007 Hot Wheels Classics Series 3 | ’58 Impala 4/30 | Spectraflame purple with white top | whiteline 5SP

The following year, the ’58 Impala was included in the Since ’68 Hot Rods series wearing distinctive Metalflake Grey paint with red tampos.

IMG_7785 IMG_7787M1573 | 2008 Hot Wheels Since 1968 Hot Rods | ’58 Impala 5/10 | Metalflake gray with red trim | redlines