2016 Maisto Design 1970 Chevrolet Novas

I continue to enjoy the wider selection of diecast collectibles found at Super Target these days. Recently, I found these two Maisto Design 1970 Chevrolet Novas. I am unable to find out much about this series, as the Maisto website is currently blocked by Google for being “high risk.” It does appear, however, that there are several different categories, including Muscle and Authority, which are represented here. The Maisto Elite Transport models are one of my favorites series, so I’m glad to see that category is included, along with Tow & Go and Exotics.

IMG_7749IMG_7754Maisto Design 2016 Muscle | 1970 Chevrolet Nova | metallic blue with red trim

IMG_7748IMG_7755Maisto Design 2016 Authority | 1970 Chevrolet Nova | white with black trim