2007 Hot Wheels Classics Spectraflame Magenta ’68 Chevy Nova

While running errands today, my wife suggested we check out the Village Flea Market, a place I haven’t been in quite awhile. There were three booths that had a decent selection of diecast cars, and at one of these I found this magenta Hot Wheels Classics that I was missing from my collection of ’68 Chevy Novas.

IMG_7687IMG_7685L0749 | 2007 Hot Wheels Classics #21 | ’68 Chevy Nova | spectraflame magenta with pink & white trim | RL5SP



    1. I’m not sure that’s entirely true, Jim. The rarity of particular colors seems to vary with the different castings. The famously rare and extremely valuable 1969 hot pink rear-loading VW Beach Bomb seems to have magnified the idea that any pink Hot Wheels is rarer and therefore more valuable than other colors. In this case, the Hot Wheels Classic ’68 Nova was produced in Spectraflame Gold, Spectraflame Dark Orange and Spectraflame Magenta, but there is no difference in the value of the colors. I do think that sellers (on eBay, for example) often try to take advantage of this perception, by describing their pink models as “rare”. (On the other hand, I’ve seen sellers who describe ALL of their items as “rare”, whether they are or not.) Thanks for the comment, Jim. Happy collecting!


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