2015 Corgi James Bond Aston Martin DB5

While we were in Arizona during the year-end holidays, my son and I wandered into a Toys R Us. He was determined to find something for himself, and when we came across this Corgi James Bond Aston Martin DB5, I had a hard time arguing against it. The DB5 is a beautiful car in its own right and James Bond made it even cooler. Packed in a retro-styled box and loaded with great play features, this model is the 50th anniversary reissue of the Goldfinger DB5 that won Corgi the Toy of the Year Award in 1965.

IMG_7525 IMG_75262015 Corgi CC04204S | James Bond’s Aston Martin D.B.5 | silver birch | 1:43


I came across a website dedicated to Corgi James Bond vehicles, and this page tells a pretty complete story of the DB5.


This image (courtesy of the Cool Hard Plastic Toys 1940s 1950s 1960s Facebook page) is a page from the 1968 Corgi catalog showing the character series which includes the original James Bond DB5.





    1. Yes, Joel. I’ve added a scan of the box bottom to the end of the post. As you can see by the labels affixed there, this is apparently a very dangerous toy! My son is only 10, so I suppose this makes me a bad father.


  1. 14+ seems common on models aimed for adult collectors, rather than kids to play with. It may be an indication the model is fragile rather than dangerous. My DeAgostini models are 14+ and have mirrors, wipers and other parts that break or fall off very easily.


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