2016 Muscle Mania ’63 Chevy II

Back in 2009 and 2010, Hot Wheels released a ’63 Nova in the Dragstrip Demons series (see below). I’ve often wondered why the ’63 Nova hasn’t shown up since, so I was happy to see the ’63 Chevy II in this year’s Muscle Mania series. Although, after comparing the two, I’m pretty convinced these are two different castings. Apart from minor differences in detail, the new car appears to be almost 1/8″ longer.

There is also a Target-only Snowflake Card version of the Chevy II, which I will be on the lookout for.

IMG_7352 IMG_7354DHP13 | 2016 Muscle Mania 8/10 | ’63 Chevy II | dark blue with white trim | 5SP

The Dragstrip Demons series was a tribute to real-life Funny Cars, Top Fuel dragsters, factory experimentals, fuel altereds and super stock vehicles. The 2009 line had 30 different vehicles, while the following year had 25 more. I am missing the AWB ‘Snake Eyes’ ’63 Nova from 2010, but I do have this Wilshire Shaker Match Bash Nova from 2009.

IMG_7489 IMG_7495N8972 | 2009 Drag Strip Demons 13/30 | Wilshire Shaker Match Bash ’63 Nova | white and orange with Wilshire Shaker trim | RRPRF



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