Hot Wheels Speedometry Classroom Kit

I’m not sure how many collectors are aware of the Hot Wheels Speedometry Classroom Kit, so I thought it would be fun to highlight what I think is a pretty cool program. I became aware of the program because my wife works in an elementary school. This also gave me access to the kit so I could take some photos for this post.


The following description is taken directly from a FAQ on the Hot Wheels website:

Speedometry is a free-to-use curriculum, designed for fourth grade students, that utilizes Hot Wheels toys to teach the FUNdamentals of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Speedometry is the result of collaboration between the University of Southern California Rossier School of Education and the Mattel Children’s Foundation.

The curriculum is comprised of 2 units, intended to provide over 10 hours of instruction to students. Unit 1: Speed Ramps explores potential and kinetic energy and Unit 2: Mini Collision Course explores the relationship between energy and force. Fourteen professional development videos are available on the Speedometry website to assist you with teaching both units to your students.

classroom_kit_instructions_frontclassroom_kit_instructions_backThe kit includes 40 cars and enough track parts to set up 16 separate 7′ courses, each with its own desk clamp and a single loop. The Speedometry page of the Hot Wheels website offers downloadable Grade 4-level lesson plans and supporting videos, as well as suggested learning activities for families to use the kit at home.

Unfortunately as of this writing, a note on the site says that – due to very high demand – the kit is temporarily unavailable.

In the kit that I looked at, I found it interesting that most of the cars included were 2014 HW Mystery Models. There are 5 different models, with 8-car bundles of each model. Each car is individually sealed in clear plastic.

IMG_6888 IMG_6889X6999 | 2015 HW Various Multipacks | La Fasta | metalflake black with white, red & black trim | PR5

IMG_6886 IMG_6887BDL15 | 2014 HW Mystery Models #05/12 | Bedlam | blue with white, yellow & lt. green trim | chrome orange PR5

IMG_6882 IMG_6883BDL15 | 2014 HW Mystery Models #09/12 | CCM Country Club Muscle | green with white, blue & black trim | 10SP

IMG_6890 IMG_6891BDL15 | 2014 HW Mystery Models #10/12 | Ultra Rage | bright red with yellow & white trim | white OH5SP

IMG_6884 IMG_6885BDL15 | 2014 HW Mystery Models #12/12 | Power Pro | yellow with white, red, black & silver trim | PR5



  1. That looks a cool kit. We never used Hot Wheels in the classroom when I was at school. We did race some of our model cars in the playground…the F1 cars were best as they tended not to tumble when pushed accross the tarmac. La Fasta is on my wants list…it is based on the DeTomaso Pantera, an I talian supercar of the seventies.


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