Hot Wheels 2016 Batman Series

I couldn’t resist the Hot Wheels 2016 Batman Series. When I found a bin full of them at a Walmart, I picked up one of each.

My favorite Batmobile is the 1960s TV series version, which was designed by the recently departed George Barris. I have the Hot Wheels first release from 2007 and another variation from 2009, as well as a Playart version that I’ve had since childhood. I especially like the comic-book inspired illustration on the package of this latest model.

IMG_6644IMG_6636DFK71 | Batman: Classic TV Series Batmobile | 2016 Batman Series 1/6 | Matte Black, with red & silver trim, clear windows, black Thailand base | 5SP

The next Batmobile in the series first came out in 2004 as the Hardnoze Batmobile.

IMG_6643IMG_6637DFK70 | Batmobile | 2016 Batman Series 2/6 | Black with yellow tint windows, chrome Thailand base | 5SP

Next, we have the Batman Begins Batmobile, otherwise known as the Tumbler, which made its Hot Wheels debut as a 2005 Comic-Con exclusive.

IMG_6646IMG_6634DFK73 | Batman Begins Batmobile | 2016 Batman Series 3/6 | Black with blue tint windows, matte black Thailand base | Chrome/BlackOR6SP / chrome/blackMC5’s

This is only the fourth variation of the Hot Wheels Bat-Pod (so far), the first being released in 2008.

IMG_6642IMG_6638DFK75 | Bat-Pod | 2016 Batman Series 4/6 | anodized silver with anodized silver Thailand base | wideMC’s

The Bat has only been around since 2012 and this third variation wears metalflake black paint.

IMG_6641IMG_6640DFK74 | The Bat | 2016 Batman Series 5/6 | metalflake black with blue tint windows, black Thailand base

And finally, we round out the series with the second Hot Wheels variation of the Arkham Knight Batmobile, which just came out in 2015.

IMG_6645IMG_6635DFK72 | Batman: Arkham Knight Batmobile | 2016 Batman Series 6/6 | metalflake midnight blue with chrome windows, black Thailand base | grey/blackOR6SP’s


1998 Hot Wheels 30th Anniversary Auction Finds

In addition to the 1998 Hot Wheels 30th Anniversary cars that I found at a resale shop in July, I also scored a bunch more at the recent die cast auction I attended.

The selection included the VW Drag Bus, and I was quickly outbid by someone who obviously wanted that relatively valuable model. Fortunately, the bidder left the rest of the items on the table, so I was able to bid again and pick up one of each.

The car that I really wanted was the replica of the 1976 Corvette Stingray, the first ever release of this popular model. I still have the original Stingray that I’ve had since I was a child, wearing the identical red enamel paint, blue, yellow and white tampo, and redline tires. As you can imagine, my childhood Stingray is a little play-worn, so it’s nice to be able to see what it would have looked like before it was even out of the blister.

IMG_6272IMG_628218865 | 1998 30th Anniversary | Corvette Stingray (1976) | red | redlines

The original lead-based Spectraflame paint colors were discontinued in 1973 due to new safety standards for toys. When Hot Wheels tried to recreate the look of Spectraflame in this series 30 years later, it seem their paint formula was a bit sub-par. As you can see, the 1968 Deora and 1969 Ford Vicky are suffering a serious case of flecking paint.

IMG_6276IMG_627918857 | 1998 30th Anniversary | Deora (1968) | green | redlines

IMG_6277IMG_627818858 | 1998 30th Anniversary | Ford Vicky (1969) | red | redlines

The ’40’s Woodie made its debut in 1980 as one of the Hi-Rakers – cars with  adjustable-height rear wheels. I also have a yellow version which is not a Hi-Raker.

IMG_6271IMG_628318869 | 1998 30th Anniversary | ’40’s Woodie (1980) | orange | blackwalls

The 3-wheeled XT-3 is a replica of the first-release from 1985.

IMG_6273IMG_628118874 | 1998 30th Anniversary | XT-3 (1985) | black | blackwalls

Path Beater was actually released first in 1983 as Beach Patrol, but this replica of the 1986 model wears the white-hub Real Rider tires which added a more realistic flair to this casting.

IMG_6274IMG_628018875 | 1998 30th Anniversary | Path Beater (1986) | black | GYW