2004 Zamac 1968 Nova

My family and I have had a long history with this generation of Novas, so the 1968 Nova Hot Wheels casting was a pretty big deal for me when it made its debut in 2004. But, even though I have a couple of packaging variations of the metalflake steel blue first release, it was only recently that I became aware there was a less-common zamac variation.

Zamac, of course, refers to the metallic luster of the unpainted zinc, aluminum, magnesium and copper alloy that the car is cast from.

The zamac car is worth 15 times what the blue version is worth (according to the South Texas Diecast Collectors Guide). However, it’s important to note that the blue version is only worth a dollar.IMG_6647

IMG_6633B3532 | 2004 First Editions #5 Zamac Limited Ed. | Nova 1968 | unpainted with white trim | 5SP

I’ve bought a lot of cars on eBay over the years and have rarely had any issues. But I had an interesting incident with this car. I found a zamac Nova that was priced pretty low. I should have known something was up, as the seller advertised more than 10 available at this “buy it now” price. Almost immediately after I bought one – and well before it had shipped – I sent the seller a message to confirm the color. But I got no reply, and when the car arrived in the mail it was the metalflake blue version rather than the zamac model that was pictured on the eBay listing. Fortunately, the seller did agree to a return, paying for the return shipping and reimbursing the initial purchase. But, as of this writing, I’ve noticed the seller still has the same listing up with the same misleading photo.