Hot Wheels Club Original 16 Ford J-Car

I don’t often go for the offerings available only on the Hot Wheels Collector’s website. But I’m pretty fond of the Ford J-Car that I still have from my childhood, and this is a casting that hasn’t been on the pegs since 1971. There’s also a 2010 Neo-Classics version in Spectraflame blue that I’d like to get my hands on.

BLR25 | 2014 HWC Original 16 Series I Ford J-Car | spectraflame green with black & white trim | redlines


Jada ’67 Chevy Nova SS

I recently found this Jada BIGTIME Muscle ’67 Chevy Nova at Toys ‘R Us. See my other variations of the Jada ’67 Nova below. This Wave 20 variation has a cutout in the hood so the blown engine can breathe.

Jada Toys | BIGTIME Muscle | Wave 20 | ’67 Chevy Nova SS | red
2005 BIGTIME Muscle | ’67 Chevy Nova SS  | yellow & black

2005 BIGTIME Muscle | ’67 Chevy Nova SS | silver & black

2005 BIGTIME Muscle | ’67 Chevy Nova SS | silver & black stripes & flames

2007 For Sale | ’67 Chevy Nova SS | gray and black primer

Antique Store Finds

When I was in Manhattan, Kansas, a few weeks ago, I walked into a little antique shop and found this fun assortment of cars. All of these cars are fairly well worn, but the price was right.

Compare this 1967 Lesney Matchbox Greyhound Bus to the Hot Wheels version from 1980.

1967 Lesney Matchbox | 66 | Greyhound Bus | metallic gray, amber windows | black plastic wheels

This Lesney Matchbox London Bus from 1966 is a little rough, but it’s in better shape than the 1970s-era London bus from my childhood.

1966 Lesney Matchbox | 14 | Daimler London Bus | green with Esso graphics | black plastic wheels

This 1965 Taylor Jumbo Crane still has a functioning boom and intact plastic hook.

1965 Lesney Matchbox | 11 | Taylor Jumbo Crane | yellow with red weight box | black plastic wheels

I had never heard of the Corgi Rockets before, so this gold chrome Aston Martin DB6 may be the most interesting car in the lot. The Rockets, which were meant to be raced on track sets, were produced for only a little over a year starting in October of 1969. Each car came with a key which could be used to remove the black plastic chassis so the car could be given a “tune-up”.

1969 Corgi Rockets | D901 Aston Martin DB6 | gold chrome

Finally, I can’t resist one of the original 16 Hot Wheels redlines, even if it’s been given a custom paint job and partially burned like this Deora from 1968.

1968 Hot Wheels | 6210 | Deora | red, with custom paint | USA | redline