Hot Wheels Star Wars Themed Cars

In the summer of 1977, I went to see the movie Star Wars at the Rivoli Theatre in downtown Hastings, Nebraska, where I was visiting my sister. I became a fan right away, and spent some of my precious allowance money on a few of those original action figures. Surprisingly, it was only after Star Wars creator George Lucas sold the franchise to Disney 35 years later that Hot Wheels was able create a partnership with this amazing movie franchise.

I found these Star Wars themed Hot Wheels at a Walmart right before Christmas last year. In this series, existing Hot Wheels castings were given paint schemes and decoration inspired by the movies. There is also a series of character cars that are custom castings, of which Darth Vader and R2-D2 are my favorites. The Death Star Battle Blast Track Set, with its X-Wing fighter inspired car, is another highlight.

As much as I enjoy all of the Star Wars Hot Wheels, I only purchased the original trilogy and admit I bought them mostly for the package art.

img_4925 img_4922CJY07 | 2015 Hot Wheels – Star Wars Themed Cars | A New Hope – Motoblade | orange & gray with tan plastic, red & black trim | black & silver PR5

img_4926img_4923CJY09 | 2015 Hot Wheels – Star Wars Themed Cars | The Empire Strikes Back – Spectyte | white with yellow, red gray & black trim | bronze PR5

img_4927img_4924CJY11 | 2015 Hot Wheels – Star Wars Themed Cars | Return of the Jedi – Ballistik | gray & black with white, silver & black trim | silver OH5SP


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