2006 Red Line Series 1968 Nova

This Hot Wheels 1968 Nova from the 2006 Red Line Series was one that I missed the first time around. Although I do have the metalflake purple version from the same series, this metalflake green model which I recently found on eBay is similar in color to the green-gold metallic ’73 Nova that I drove when I was younger.

img_5613img_5620J3424 | 2006 Red Line Series #3 (KMart Exclusive) | 1968 Nova | metalflake green with Red Line Series tampo on sides | RL5SP

Okay, mine wasn’t quite as bright – even in the sun. This is my 1973 Nova 2-door hatchback in Tempe, Arizona, 1985.



1978 ’57 T-Bird

Both of these Hot Wheels ’57 T-Birds are from the first year of its release, 1978. I found the white one on eBay, the yellow one came from The Dealer.

Early versions of this car could be found both with and without the small round porthole window on the side. But after 1982, Hot Wheels settled on the casting without the porthole for its many variations of this long-running model.

img_1340 img_13411978 | 2013 | ’57 T-Bird | white with red, blue & black trim, round rear side windows | Hong Kong | blackwalls

img_7151img_71521978 | 2013 | ’57 T-Bird | yellow with red, blue & black trim, round rear side windows | Hong Kong | blackwalls

Of course, the original Hot Wheels T-Bird is the Classic ’57 from 1969.

2015 1968 Nova

For 2015, Hot Wheels has tucked a new ’68 Nova variation inside some of their multipacks. This new version is a really sharp anodized gray model with yellow and black trim. I found mine in a 9-pack at Toys “R” Us, although I have since seen it in a Target 9-pack with a different assortment of cars.

img_5616img_5617X6999 | 2015 Hot Wheels Various Multipacks | 1968 Nova | anodized gray with yellow & black trim | chrome & black MC5

2004 Nova 1968 Short Card

Here in the U.S., we don’t see too many short cards. So I thought it would be fun to have an example of the packaging variation for one of my all-time favorite Hot Wheels first castings, the 2004 ’68 Nova. As I understand it, the 4.25″ tall blister card is the Hot Wheels packaging standard in Europe. I found this one on eBay.

The front of the card doesn’t have room for much more than the Hot Wheels logo, so it’s missing the car illustration that we’re used to seeing on our longer cards. This one also has the “Hot 100” logo in the top left, which does not appear on my U.S. version. The back of the card includes translations in quite a few more languages than the English, Spanish and French that we see in the States.

Below I’ve included photos of the U.S. package for comparison. You can also see the rest of my ’68 Novas here.

img_56152004_nova_short_card_back_012004 First Editions #5 | Nova 1968 | metalfake steel blue with white trim | 5SP | short card

img_17482004_nova_card_back_012004 First Editions #5 | Nova 1968 | metalfake steel blue with white trim | 5SP | U.S. packaging

2014 Greenlight Hot Pursuit 1967 Chevrolet Wisconsin State Patrol

I was happy to find another variation of the Greenlight ’67 Biscayne at Toys “R” Us the other day. I don’t specifically collect police vehicles, but I feel I can justify adding this to my Impala collection. I previously posted about my Greenlight Impalas, including the Louisiana State Police version from Series 12, with more information about the Chevrolet Biscayne and the nice details of this casting.

img_5612img_56192014 | Greenlight Collectibles Hot Pursuit Series 14 | 1967 Chevrolet (Biscayne) Police Pursuit | dark blue and white with Wisconsin State Patrol trim

1980 Greyhound MC-8

The Hot Wheels Greyhound MC-8 was only produced in 3 variations which are different only in their country of origin. The two 1980 releases were made in Hong Kong and Malaysia, the 1983 version is the somewhat more valuable Mexican-made model. Somewhere along the way in my collecting adventures, I picked up one of these that was badly worn and missing most of the tampo. Without the familiar blue and red arrow graphics, it didn’t pack a lot of punch, so I found this one in a little better shape on eBay.

img_0567 img_05681980 | 1127 | Greyhound MC-8 | white and unpainted with blue and red trim | Hong Kong | blackwalls