1986 Fangster and 1988 Sharkruiser

Speaking of ugly Hot Wheels (see previous post), the Speed Demons series came up in an online discussion of the subject. The Speed Demons – hot rods with creature-like characteristics –  were first released in 1986. I have two of them, both from the Collection of Big A. While I admit Fangster is pretty ugly, I’ve become a fan of the Sharkruiser and enjoy seeing it pop up every now and then in a new variation.

This Fangster is from the original release and wears the signature mid-80s Ultra Hot wheels.

img_5582 img_55831986 | 2059 | Fangster | green | Hong Kong | Ultra Hots

Sharkruiser was a 1987 addition to the Speed Demons series. This variation in blackwalls is actually from a 1988 Color Racer 3-Car Pak. I’m not sure what colors it’s supposed to vary between because it seems to have lost its changeability and has settled into a permanent state of glossy pale yellow.

img_5584img_55851988 | 3286 | Sharkruiser from Color Racer 3-Car Pak | pale yellow | Hong Kong | blackwalls


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