M2 Machines Auto-Haulers 1958 Chevrolet LCF and 1958 Chevrolet Impala

The Auto-Haulers series from M2 Machines is one of my favorite series. Though I’ve only added two of them to my collection, I always enjoy looking at them when I see them in the stores. I found this 1958 Impala stretch limousine/1958 Chevy LCF at a Toys R Us the other day. It’s an interesting combination, with the audaciously flamed-out gold and black limo sitting atop a fairly understated black LCF flatbed – although the wide whitewalls that they both wear tie them together nicely.

img_5491img_5492img_5498img_5495img_54962014 Auto-Haulers R11 | 1958 Chevrolet LCF & 1958 Chevrolet Impala | gold with black & white flames

The other Auto-Haulers model that I have is part of the Chevrolet 100th anniversary series from 2011. As sharp as this pair is in pearl white and silver, there is also a chase car version that’s trimmed in gold.

img_5488img_5490img_5489img_54972011 Auto-Haulers R3 | 1959 Chevrolet Viking LCF & 1958 Chevrolet Impala | pearl white and silver, 100 year. graphics


1979 The Thing (Poison Pinto)

The Thing was part of 1979’s The Heroes series, which included several other Marvel character cars such as Human Torch, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man and Thor. The Thing is based on the Poison Pinto, first cast in 1976. I got mine on eBay.

img_1350 img_13511979 | 2882 | The Thing | dark blue with black, white and orange trim | Hong Kong | blackwalls

2014 Mission Madness ’66 Chevy Nova

I was pretty excited when my son and I found the Mystery Model ’66 Chevy Nova a few weeks ago, thinking the foil-packaged metalflake purple variation was pretty unique. Well, it turns out there’s an almost identical version in the Mission Madness series, which is exclusive to Kroger stores. The back of the package describes it as “one of 4 special scavenger hunt edition vehicles!” But it’s difficult to find information on this series, so I’m not sure how hard-to-find they really are. While the paint and deco are the same, the Thailand-made Mystery Model has a shiny chrome base, while this Malaysian-made Mission Madness version – which I found at a Dillons store –  has a dark chrome base.

img_5481img_5484BFV69 | 2014 Mission Madness #03/04 Kroger Exclusive | ’66 Chevy Nova | metalflake purple with white & orange trim | chrome/black PR5

The other castings in the Mission Madness series are Bone Shaker, ’06 Dodge Viper SRT10 and Triumph TR6.


Love this fastback Chevy II!

The Selvedge Yard

The amazing story of Bill Thomas’ Race Cars badass (pre-Charger) Chevy II / Nova Fastback, bought by CKC Racing Team back in 1964 for $2500! Supposedly it has survived and resides somewhere in PA after changing hands–

“Up until that time, the fastest car I had ever driven was a Corvette. That Chevy II used to do some incredible wheelstands, which made it a handful to drive. There was no way you could get off the throttle and get back on it again once it stood up on the back bumper, and it used to do that a lot! I remember one time at Houston Raceway during a match race with Dickie [Harrell], we both stood our cars up on the back bumpers, and the crowd went absolutely wild. Another time, I bent the front axle so badly on re-entry that J.E. had to use a floor jack and a…

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