1979 Scene Machines S.W.A.T. Van

The S.W.A.T. van is another of the Hot Wheels Scene Machines from 1979. The casting is a reworking of the Letter Getter from 1977, made more imposing with the dark blue paint and the bold lettering and shield on the sides. The effect is supported with the image inside; heavily-armed officers and a vicious, fang-baring German shepherd look ready to take any measures necessary to keep order.

IMG_1346 IMG_1347 1979 | 2854 | S.W.A.T. Van (Scene Machines) | dark enamel blue with white & orange trim | Hong Kong | blackwalls



About marcboz

Marc Bosworth is an artist who teaches printmaking and works as an art director. He lives in a 100-year-old bungalow in Wichita with his lovely wife and their young ninja son.
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