1979 Scene Machines Space Van

In 1979, Hot Wheels created a special series of vehicles called Scene Machines. Each model had a lens on the back, through which a picture inside the vehicle could be viewed. I was at first skeptical of what seemed like a gimmick, until I took ownership of the Motocross Team and became an instant fan. I have since acquired Spider Man, S.W.A.T. Van and now, the Space Van.

Space Van is an imposing, 6-wheeled wedge in metallic gray, white and silver. Peek through the porthole in the back and you’ll get a glimpse of the exciting adventures of its occupants. A similar casting appeared again in 1981 as Rescue Squad, in red and red plastic. The casting was reworked another time for 1982’s Tac-Com.

img_1461img_14621979 | 285 | Space Van (Scene Machines) | gray with white plastic top | Hong Kong | blackwalls




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