HW Road Trippin’ ’66 Chevy Nova

I inherited my love of a good road trip from my dad, who always took us on family driving vacations. Whether it was a long weekend to an area campground, or the time he took us on an epic monthlong adventure around the western U.S., I logged a lot of road-trip miles before I even learned to drive myself. So I was happy to discover that one of my favorite castings – the ’66 Chevy Nova – was included in the HW Road Trippin’ series.

The 2014 HW Road Trippin’ series is a Walmart exclusive that includes 32 different cars. The series is broken up into at least 8 different scenic highways, each one represented by several different castings decorated appropriately.

I’ve only driven short segments of California’s Highway 1, and I’ve never been to Vista Point. But I if I ever make it there, I hope when I do I’m driving a sweet ’66 Nova.

img_4912img_4911BDK85 | 2014 HW Road Trippin’ Series #15/32, Highway 1 | ’66 Chevy Nova | satin green with blue, white & black trim, Vista Point | PR5

I have quite a few of the more than two dozen variations of the Hot Wheels ’66 Chevy Nova made since its first release in 2007. To see a few, click here, here, here and here.



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