1985 Corvette Stingray

This is the bonus car (purchased from the same seller to take advantage of combined shipping) that I got when I bought the Hare Splitter on eBay. I’m always happy to take in another Corvette Stingray, as it’s been one of my favorites since childhood. Of the many dozens of variations made since its debut in 1976, I also have the gold chrome version from 1979 and an orange model from 1980. This sharp white variation with blue, red and black racing deco is from 1985.

img_4514 img_45151985 | 9241 | Corvette Stingray | white with red, blue and black trim | Malaysia | blackwalls


1979 Hare Splitter

Holy smoke, I can’t believe it’s been since September that I’ve posted anything! My busy summer turned into an even busier fall, and time just keeps slipping by. But now that snow is on its way, things are slowing down a little bit.

And even though I haven’t had much time for car-collecting lately, I do have some exciting news to report: When I landed this Hare Splitter in an eBay auction back in July, I completed my collection of Hot Wheels first-castings from 1979. (Look for another post soon showing all of my 1979 Hot Wheels).

Hare Splitter has been a favorite of mine since several years ago, when I acquired a clean variation from 1982. In fact, the only difference between the 1979 original and the 1982 variation is the color of the plastic spare tire rack. Versions from 1983 and 1984 have no tire rack, but all models from the original tooling have the black plastic opening hood.

img_4510 img_4511 img_45121979 | 2504 | Hare Splitter | white, Monte Carlo Rally trim, red tire rack | Hong Kong | blackwalls

Here’s a shot of the 1979 original and the 1982 variation side by side.img_4513