1983 Mirada Stocker

I picked up this Hot Wheels Mirada Stocker on eBay. First released in 1981, the model has been produced in about 8 versions, most of them color variations using the same tampo as this shiny toy from 1983. The metallic gold paint is a nice compliment to the gold Hot Ones wheels.

The real Dodge Mirada was a short-lived rear-wheel drive coupe based on the Chrysler J platform. Dodge had hopes that the Mirada could bring it success in NASCAR racing, and they convinced none other than Richard Petty to give the car a try. The Mirada, however, proved to be both slower and less reliable than the competition, and Dodge would not be seen in NASCAR racing again until 2001.

img_0571 img_05721983 | 1700 | Mirada Stocker | gold with red, black, white trim | Hong Kong | gho