Adam’s (Less Than Mint) 1979 Greased Gremlin

One of the things I enjoy about collecting blackwall-era Hot Wheels, is that – compared to redline-era cars – it is much easier to find mint or near-mint versions at a reasonable price. For example, when I went to eBay to find the 1979 Greased Gremlin, the car I scored was in such great shape that it looked like it was fresh out of the blister. The problem was, it was only after I had it in my hands that I was able to inspect it closer and discover that it was not actually the 1979 first-casting, but the Hong Kong variation from three years later. You can see that car here.

I went back to eBay, determined to find the first-release that I was looking for. Now, as you are probably aware, sellers don’t always provide the best photos of their items. But, when I saw the images of this car – including a shot of the underside – I knew I had to make it mine. Not only was it the Malaysia-made original release, but it already had my son’s name scrawled across the bottom.
So, even though this car is in considerably less-than-mint condition, it is – for now, at least – my best and only example of the 1979 Greased Gremlin.
img_0308 img_03091979 | 2502 | Greased Gremlin | red with blue, white, yellow trim | MY | blackwalls

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