1979 Vetty Funny and Bywayman

From the same eBay seller, I scored two more Hot Wheels first-castings from 1979.

Drag racing legends Don “Snake” Prudhomme and Tom “Mongoose” McEwen took their rivalry to the orange track starting in 1970, when Hot Wheels released the first cars with their names on them. In 1971, the two got rail dragsters. In 1972, they were given rear engine wedge dragsters. By 1973, both were driving the Barracuda dragster casting for Hot Wheels. In 1978, the Hot Wheels Army Funny Car was modeled after Snake’s Plymouth Arrow dragster, and in 1979 Vetty Funny was the orange track version of Mongoose’s Corvette funny car.

Vetty Funny has seen a few other paint and tampo variations and was produced up until 1995. My grey English Leather version wears the common red-yellow-black tampo from 1979, however the white-yellow-black variation from the same year will fetch the big bucks.

img_0311 img_0313 img_03141979 | 2508 | Vetty Funny | gray with black, red and yellow trim | HK | blackwalls

Collecting variations of the Hot Wheels Bywayman could keep you busy for awhile. Based on a 1973 Chevy Silverado C/K 20 pickup, the Bywayman has seen at least 3 dozen variations and looks good in everything from construction tires to saw blades. The trick for me was finding a first-casting with its plastic running lights still intact.

img_0306 img_03071979 | 2509 | Bywayman | lt. blue with white, black and yellow trim, black bed | HK | blackwalls


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