1977 and 1978 American Victory

American Victory is a Larry Wood designed Hot Wheel that made its debut in 1975. I picked up both of mine on eBay from separate sellers. This light blue 1977 version wears the same paint and tampo as the original – without the redlines, of course.

img_0304 img_03051977 | 7662 | American Victory | blue with red & white trim | Hong Kong | blackwalls

This magenta variation in my collection came out in 1978.

img_0569 img_05701978 | 7662 | American Victory | magenta with orange & yellow trim | Hong Kong | blackwalls

Several other color variations were created in 1983 and 1984, including models made in France and Mexico.


1979 Dumpin’ A and 1977 Spoiler Sport

The Dumpin’ A was designed for Hot Wheels by Larry Wood and released in 1979. As I close in on a complete collection of first castings from that year, I found my version of the hot rod dump truck on eBay. It features a functioning plastic tipper and later releases are orange or gray. Dumpin’ A was retooled in 2012 for the Hot Ones series.

img_0233 img_02341979 | 2507 | Dumpin’ A | yellow with orange plastic dumper, brown fenders | Hong Kong | blackwalls

As I often do to get more value out of my shipping dollar on eBay, I picked up a second car from the same seller. This Hot Wheels Spoiler Sport from 1977 – also a first casting – replaces an identical version I had that was in really poor shape. In 1979, the Spoiler Sport model was used for the Incredible Hulk and was also part of the Golden Machines 6-Pack.

img_0229 img_02301977 | 9641 | Spoiler Sport | green with black, red, yellow trim, two small rear windows | Hong Kong | blackwalls