Lesney Matchbox 1968 GMC Tipper Truck

This was my weekend garage sale find. We went to a big church sale and I found this on a table with a bunch of unrelated items – the only die cast toy I could see in the entire room. Matchbox first made the GMC Tipper Truck in 1968. There is also a later version with Superfast wheels that is worth quite a bit more than this black-plastic-wheel model, but this one fits nicely with some of my other old Lesney Matchbox cars, especially my GMC Refrigerator Truck. Notice there is a little strip of red and white striped paper that is taped to the inside of the tipper. I don’t know the story behind this, but I think I’ll keep it on there. This little truck has a couple of nice play features: Not only is the tipper fully-functional, but the cab also tips forward to reveal the engine.

img_3456 img_3457 img_34591968 | 26 | GMC Tipper Truck | red with metallic gray dumper | black plastic wheels



  1. Nice find, it is surprising where diecasts turn up, I remember this from my childhood with its tilting cab. When I see a truck with its cab tilted, I remember this model.


      1. I went to Google images to see if I could find a picture of a GMC Tipper to steal….the second image I saw there with the cab tipping was yours…so rather than being naughty and stealing the image, I just linked to your post, your image being the perfect illustration for my post.

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