1982 Front Runnin’ Fairmont

This Hot Wheels Front Runnin’ Fairmont from 1982 was the bonus car that I picked up with the Maxi Taxi on eBay. Though I would say the Fairmont is another example of the really bad car design that was prevalent in the late 70s and early 80s, I do like it much better as a Hot Wheels model. The colors and design of the racing deco matched with those gold Hot Ones wheels – it almost makes me want to journey back to 1982. The real Fairmont was short-lived, being replaced in 1983 by the even uglier Ford Tempo. Similarly, there are only about 5 variations of this Hot Wheels casting, including another racing stocker, the Race Ace, that was released in 1986.

img_3393 img_33941982 | 3257 | Front Runnin’ Fairmont | red with white, yellow, orange and black, tampo | Hong Kong | gho



    1. The 27th (of July) is my birthday! If you’re looking for gift ideas, you can get me that Race Ace variation I mentioned above – which is decorated, by the way, with lucky number 13! ha ha Thanks for the comment!


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