This one is for my friend and fellow-blogger, Joel, who has a nice collection of Batmobiles too.

My favorite Batmobile is the one from 1966, and I’ve had a Playart version of it since I was a kid. I was pretty excited when Hot Wheels released their version as a New Model in 2007.

img_3334img_3340K6147 | 2007 New Models 1966 TV Series Batmobile 15/36 | black w Batman logo| 5SP

There now about 11 variations of this casting, and the only other one I have is this Faster Than Ever release from 2009.

img_3333img_3341P2453 |  2009 Faster Than Ever 1966 Batmobile 7/10 | black w Batman logo | FTE

For me, another important Batmobile is the one created for the 1989 Tim Burton Batman movie. This first came out as a Hot Wheels First Editions model in 2004. There are about 8 variations, including this HW Imagination release from 2013.

img_3332img_3339X1709 | 2013 HW Imagination 61/250 | Batmobile | black | gray PR5

Hot Wheels now has about 10 different Batmobiles inspired by many of the different movie and cartoon creations over the years, and there are multiple variations of each. This doesn’t include the Batcopters, Batcycles and Batpods, not to mention Batmobiles produced by other brands. So, if someone wanted to get serious about collecting Batmobiles, (I admit, it is tempting) they could keep at if for a long time!

I’ll leave you with another 1989 Batmobile from my collection, this one made by Ertl Diecast.  I’ve had this one long enough that I don’t remember much about it, but I’m pretty sure I picked it up about the same time that the movie first came out.

img_3335 img_3337



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